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Why is Utrecht the weirdest town in the Netherlands?

Utrecht was once the most important Dutch city until Amsterdam surpassed it in the Dutch Golden Age. Utrecht is genuinely Utrecht the weirdest town in the Netherlands, from ancient architecture to city-wide canals!

1. Ancient architecture

Utrecht is the third oldest city in the Netherlands. Experiencing many historical events, Utrecht wears both ancient and modern beauty. For hundreds of years, buildings with existing architecture have made Utrecht very different from other Dutch cities.

In addition, the City still retains most of the peaceful and romantic medieval architectural features.

2. Utrecht is the greenest and cleanest city in the world

Utrecht is honored to be voted by CNN as the most environmentally friendly city globally, from people to landscape. The canals here use a garbage filter.

Almost 30% of the roads here are made for cyclists. The Netherlands is the most bike-friendly country globally, helping to keep people healthy and protect the environment.

Utrecht’s urban green spaces make the city greener and cleaner.

3. Food heaven

The city of Utrecht is built around the iconic Dom tower, which can plunge straight into the Dutch sky at its very heart. A captivating network of canals is woven into the city’s fabric, giving it a majestic, watery radiance befitting its status as one of the Netherlands’ historic university cities. Utrecht also has many delicious restaurants and street food shops. You can try many delicious dishes in Utrecht such as Manneken Pis, Croquetten Boutique, Blom banketbakkerij, Visjes, Meneer Smakers Burgerbar,…

4. Utrecht has great green suburbs!

On the outskirts of Utrecht is a lake park and a horse farm, where there are roads reserved for horse riders. It is also an ideal place to relax for the people of Utrecht on weekends. Roads in the suburbs have signs dedicated to riders, bicycles, and dogs.

5. Dense canal system

Utrecht has canals over 200 years old. Explore Utrecht from the water, and you’ll get a completely different view. See the historic facades of the wharf houses, the sculptures, and impressive trees lining the canals. You can choose between a round trip with a canal cruise or embark on an exploration of discovery by pedal boat, rowboat or canoe. Oudegracht is the most famous canal in Utrecht, with a length of about 2km.

Today, you’ll find many pleasant restaurants and cafes with waterfront terraces in these jetty tunnels. The perfect place for a drink or snack after a great day in Utrecht!

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