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5 Myths About Canada That Make Foreigners Misunderstood

Canada welcomes many tourists and foreigners to live, travel, and work every year. There are many myths about Canada that all travelers pass on. However, the following five things are myths foreigners have misunderstood about Canada.

1. You can see beavers and moose almost everywhere in Canada

If you are in the city, you will never get a chance to meet these beautiful animals. Because they inherently live in remote forests or beaver dams. And the exciting fact is that most Canadians go their whole life without ever seeing a beaver or an elk in a zoo or a public park.

The best place to encounter an elk or beaver in Canada preferably driving through a national park. Canada has many beautiful national parks like Pacific Rim National Park Reserve ( British Columbia ), Banff National Park ( Alberta ), Yoho National Park ( British Columbia )

2. Everyone in Canada speaks French

Only about 22% of Canada’s population considers French their first language. These people are mainly in Quebec. Outside of this area, English is still the primary language of Canadians. So don’t worry when traveling or living in Canada.

3. You will get free health care while in Canada

Canadians may not get a medical bill every time they go to a doctor or hospital, but that doesn’t mean healthcare is free. Canada’s public health care system is made up of many socialized health insurance plans that provide coverage for medical services, including physician care and hospital services.

But ironically, “free healthcare” comes with a price. Canadians pay for “free” medical services through taxes. A family of four can contribute about $11,700 per year in taxes to public health insurance, and this amount increases every year. Even Canada’s poorest families pay around $475 per year.

In addition, Canadian health insurance covers only primary health care; things like prescription drugs and long-term health care are not covered. Most Canadians pay for these through employment insurance programs or their income taxes.

4. Canada is always white/cold/icy

Although it snows in every province and territory of Canada, winter in Canada is not indefinite. Winter begins in December and ends in March.

During the most out months (January to February), temperatures drop to an average of -10°C (14°F) and -30°C (-22°F), depending on the province. Snow usually starts to melt in March or April. In summer, the warmest months (June-August) are usually very sunny and wet. Temperatures average highs from 20°C (68°F) to 35°C (95°F).

Humidity can really make summers in Canada unbearably hot; the weather in the Caribbean is sometimes more pleasant!

5. Nothing historically relevant has come from Canada

Canada has many great historical accomplishments:

It is credited with being the birthplace of a number of sports such as hockey, lacrosse, and basketball. We also invented instant replay during the 1955 broadcasts of the Hockey playoffs in Canada.

Crispy candies and Smarties from Canada

The pacemaker and insulin injection for diabetics were both invented by Canadian medical experts.

Other things you didn’t know we invented: IMAX, garbage bags, peanut butter, Trivial Pursuit, and phone.

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