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Do You Know Why Retirees Love the Netherlands?

The Netherlands ranks 5th on the list of the happiest countries in Europe to live (according to Global Finance magazine). This is a pretty good rating and you will see why retirees, locals and expats love to spend their later lives in the Netherlands.

The climate of the Netherlands is very mild, with mild winters and warm summers.

1. The Netherlands has an excellent health care system

The Netherlands is rated as one of the countries with the best healthcare system globally. However, healthcare is not free.

The Dutch government requires any adult living or working in the country to have a basic health insurance plan.

2. Delicious Dutch Cuisine

Dutch cuisine is rich and delicious. From great desserts to traditional Dutch food, it’s all worth trying. Moreover, Dutch food is very healthy, from fresh vegetables to dairy products (the Netherlands is the country of cheese).

3. Dutch society is surprisingly open!

Dutch society is very open. The Netherlands has a long and diverse history with cultures as varied as the Far East, Africa, and the Caribbean. Large cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam have been centers of international trade and, therefore, centers of influence for many cultures and religions worldwide.

On the other hand, the Dutch are pretty outspoken, which a foreigner may have to get used to, but they will appreciate it once they are.

4. The Netherlands has breathtaking natural scenery

Except for the mountains, the Netherlands has it all. From beautiful beaches to endless green meadows, from bustling cities to fields of colorful tulips. Your retirement life in the Netherlands will never be boring! So retirees really love the Netherlands!

5. Easy language

The Dutch language is challenging to learn. However, the good news for you is that more than 90% of the Dutch population can speak English well. So if you can’t talk to Dutch, don’t worry.

6. Cost Of Living Is Not Too Bad

As we have said, the Netherlands is not cheap, although not as costly as Switzerland, for example. On the other hand, higher costs will buy quality of life. You must have a good pension, independent income or savings to afford retirement in the Netherlands, especially if you are a couple.

Also, the Netherlands is a safe country. The overall crime rate in the United States is eight times higher than in the Netherlands. But like everywhere in the world, common sense and precautions are required to avoid being scammed or robbed.

Here are the reasons why Retirees Love the Netherlands! Do you agree with us?

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