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The Best Breathtaking Natural Wonders in Nova Scotia, Canada

Known as one of Canada’s most geographically diverse provinces, Nova Scotia has no shortage of breathtaking natural wonders. Nova Scotia has everything from beaches to waterfalls and plateaus.

Great Falls

Great Falls is in Nova Scotia and has a height of 131 meters and is estimated to be the tallest waterfall in mainland Nova Scotia and is located deep in the Cobequid Hills.

Kejimkujik National Park

Kejimkujik National Park is a National Park of Canada, covering an area of 404 square kilometers in the southwestern part of the Nova Scotia peninsula. Packed with natural beauty and historical significance, Kejimkujik is a National Park and a National Historic Landmark and one of the best places to enjoy the province’s amazing untouched scenery.

Woodville Ice Cave

This unique cave contains ice most of the year, except for a few months in the middle of summer.

This giant crater created by underground rivers and streams creates a large cavity that will expand over time, leaving a cavity deep below the earth’s surface, about 45 ft wide and 60 ft high. This plaster cave was once home to hundreds of wintering bats

In winter, the cave is most impressive when giant icebergs hang from the ceiling and surrounding walls.

Balancing Rock

Balancing Rock is a force of nature that stands tall on cliffs overlooking St. Mary. People come here because they don’t believe the pictures! This stone pillar is located at the edge of the cliff that looks as if it will fall.

This Rock is narrow vertical 9 meters high. No one knows for sure how long it has been like this, but it could be thousands of years.

George Fraser Slot Canyon

Nova Scotia has several of these unique canyons, and George Fraser Canyon is one of the most impressive.

Created by fast currents and ice over thousands of years, George Fraser is found in the Cobequid Hills and is bordered by a 25 ft waterfall at the end of this narrow gorge.

The canyon entrance is only a few feet wide before opening into the dimly lit canyon with a ceiling about 80 feet high.

North River Falls

North River Falls stands at more than 100 feet, the water jumping in two separate jets down a vertical rock wall, joining near the base before meeting the dark pool below. A majestic sight in any season including winter when the falls turn into a block of ice and the jewels freeze.

100 Wild Islands

The 100 Wild Islands are a collection of 282 islands located off the coast of Nova Scotia. It is one of the last groups of islands intact and ecologically rich for its size in North America.

Their rainforest conditions have created a quasi-tropical environment, giving them many comparisons to the Caribbean. More than 85% of the 100 Wild Islands are protected, with more activities in progress!

Joggins Fossil Cliffs

These fossil-filled cliffs are listed as a world heritage site and listed by Canada’s 15th UNESCO.

Filled with trees – many of which are still upright, amphibians, and various footprints lining the rocks, this place gives you a glimpse of what life could have looked like so many ions before this. Looking around in today’s area with its rocky coastline and high tides, it’s hard to believe that this was once a Rainforest before the sea swallowed it up.

Peggy’s Cove

Nova Scotia is home to more than 160 historic lighthouses, but none are as photographed as the one at the lively fishing village of Peggy’s Cove.

Built-in 1915, Peggy’s Point Lighthouse still guards the rising waves and the lobster boats in action. Glide across giant sea-sharpened rocks and share the view. You can also spend the afternoon strolling the stones and admiring the rugged ocean views.

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