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Top Australian attractions that you can’t find anywhere else

Australia is the largest island in the world with much majestic beauty. I’ve put together a list of top Australian attractions for a more leisurely exploration of this paradise island!

From the towering sandy mountains of Stockton Bight to Australia’s most famous road trip and the luscious curves of Uluru, here are the spots that will open your eyes!

1. Great Barrier Reef

The most extensive coral reef system on earth, the Great Barrier Reef, is gigantic. Located in the Coral Sea off the coast of the Australian state of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef encompasses a vast area of more than 2,900 coral reefs and hundreds of islands and bays.

This, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, spanning 346,000 square kilometers, is “one of the richest and most complex natural ecosystems on Earth.”

It is home to a remarkable array of marine life, including 1500 species of fish and 360 species of coral, along with numerous whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sea snakes, and birds that breed among the islets.

The best way to explore the Reef is by one of the many boat excursions that run along Queensland’s north coast.

2. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is a national park in the Northern Territory of Australia. Kakadu National Park is located within the Alligator Rivers region. With 19,804 square kilometers, Kakadu National Park has a vast and rich ecosystem.

Occupied by Aboriginal people for more than 40,000 years, Kakadu National Park has more than 5,000 ancient rock art sites that attract visitors. It is a place of great cultural and natural significance. The park is vast and has some stunning natural scenery that makes it well worth a visit: the Kakadu cliffs are spectacular.

In Australia’s largest national park, you’ll find rugged shelters, lush rainforest, and a 20,000-year-old rock art gallery.

3. Sydney Opera House

Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, whose vision is the sculptural building took 14 years to complete. The sailing ship-inspired performing arts complex is considered one of the world’s most distinctive structures.

More than 10.9 million people visit the Sydney Opera House each year, becoming Australia’s number 1 tourist destination. The Opera House is a World Heritage-listed masterpiece of the ‘creative genius of man.’

A heart-pounding hike over the jetty is a must-do for the adventurous visitor to Sydney.

4. Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsundays is an archipelago of 74 tropical islands located just 55 kilometers (34 miles) off the coast of Queensland, next to the Great Barrier Reef. It is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.

Due to the abundance of underwater diversity and colorful coral reefs, the Whitsundays is an excellent place for snorkeling and scuba diving. Visitors come to the Whitsundays from around the world to relax on the white sands of Whitehaven Beach, soar above Heart Reef by seaplane and stay in world-class accommodations on luxurious islands.

5. Uluru

Uluru is a fascinating enigma, a voluptuous red rock mountain so vast and impressive that even repeat visitors are amazed. Its grandeur and uniqueness live long in the memory of those who see it. Voyages Indigenous Tourism CEO Matthew Cameron-Smith describes Uluru – which began to form around 550 million years ago – as the “spiritual heart of Australia.”

Owned by the Anangu Aboriginal people, the site is of great cultural and spiritual significance to them; you can learn more about their way of life at the vibrant cultural center. With so many amazing hikes, bike rides, and sightseeing tours, the incredible beauty of this national park is truly awe-inspiring.

6. Great Ocean Road

Winding along Victoria’s south coast, the 243km Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic roads in the world. Drive along the shoreline on a clear day as it sinks, dodging around the Great Southern Ocean, and you’ll see it catch the blue of the sky and mix with the turquoise.

Famous for its incredible surfing, Bell’s Beach is one of the top attractions and Great Otway National Park. The Twelve Apostles make for a stunning sight: crumbling beaches are constantly squashed by the rough and treacherous waters of the mighty Southern Ocean.

7. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island, after Tasmania and Melville. It is located in South Australia, 112 kilometers southwest of Adelaide. Its delightful unspoiled landscape is home to incredible scenery and abundant wildlife.

It is home to echidnas, koalas and kangaroos, while penguins, sea lions and dolphins can be spotted offshore. Its diverse landscape allows perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, with hiking, sandboarding and scuba diving popular.

Here are the top Australian attractions that you can’t find anywhere else.

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