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Top 10 Tips for First-Time Visitors to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great weekend vacation in Europe because of its charming architecture and lovely canals. The Dutch capital has thousands of attractions and something for everyone, from narrow dwellings and small bridges to busy neighborhoods dotted with fashionable cafes. If you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time, you should have a general understanding of the city. Here is a quick guide to navigating the city and getting to know it better.

Purchase an I Amsterdam card


Amsterdam’s public transportation system is outstanding, with trains, bullet trains, ferries, and buses. The City Card I Amsterdam is the ideal method to save money on travel. This pass is good for 1 to 4 days and provides unlimited usage of the public transportation system. By purchasing the City Card in Amsterdam, you will also receive free access to certain of the city’s museums.

Plan ahead of time for your lodging.

Because Amsterdam attracts a significant number of tourists all year, it’s advisable to book your accommodations ahead of time to ensure you receive your money’s worth. There are many of lodging alternatives to pick from, whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel with all the high-end amenities or reserve an apartment or a hostel. If you’re a first-time visitor searching for something different, consider renting a boat.

Enjoy both regional and foreign food.


In Amsterdam, you’ll find plenty of intriguing places to eat, whether you’re looking for a Michelin-starred restaurant or a quiet neighborhood eatery serving wonderful breakfast. If you want to experience some traditional Dutch meals, get the tart, stroopwafel, and raw herring. The city also has hundreds of international restaurants and casual eateries, ranging from Italian to Indonesian to Mexican tapas diners. Restaurant C, Winkel 43, Floreyn, and Le Due Sicilie are among the best restaurants in Amsterdam.

Discover Amsterdam’s vibrant neighborhoods.

No trip to Amsterdam is complete unless you see some of the city’s best neighborhoods. Centrum is home to many of the key attractions as well as other fascinating restaurants and bars worth visiting. Thousands of tourists are expected to visit the city’s bustling nightlife. Visit Oud Zuid if you want to spend your time in a quieter neighborhood that is still accessible to all of the big attractions. Visitors who wish to experience local life in Amsterdam should go to the attractive Oud Oost neighborhood. De Pijp is recognized for its hipster vibe, whilst De Wallen is famous for its Red Light District.

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Many inhabitants are fluent in English, Dutch, and German.

Although Dutch is the official language of the country, the majority of people in Amsterdam speak English. The truth is that you can easily communicate with the people even if you don’t speak Dutch. However, knowing a few phrases such as “Dank u kon” (thank you) and “Graag gedaan” (welcome) can be beneficial. It’s also worth noting that many Dutch people speak German, which is comparable to their own language, though others may disagree with you.

In Amsterdam, you can exchange your money.

Visitors from Europe will be relieved to learn that the Euro is the official currency in Amsterdam. The greatest rates in town may be found at ATMs located virtually everywhere in Amsterdam, particularly in the city core.

Discover the hottest clubs and bars in Amsterdam


The Dutch city is home to a plethora of distinctive clubs, many of which can be located in two areas: Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. You’ll find everything here, from casual bars popular with students to dancing clubs popular with tourists. The most popular and largest live music venues are Ziggo Dome, Johan Cruijff ArenA, and AFAS Live. There’s also the infamous Red Light District, which is home to several stylish bars.

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Bring an umbrella.

When visiting Amsterdam, you should be prepared for all weather, as you never know when it will rain. As a result, umbrellas and layers of clothing are essential. The Dutch capital, like many other major European cities, is best explored on foot, so bring a pair of waterproof shoes.

Cycling regulations in Amsterdam


They don’t truly dominate the city, but walking the bike routes in Amsterdam is a must. There are many bikers moving in all directions everywhere you look, and it’s vital to look before crossing the street because people here pedal quickly.

Go to the museum.

Did you know that in and around Amsterdam, there are over 70 museums and galleries? It’s no wonder that museums and other cultural institutions attract millions of visitors each year. There’s something for everyone, from the iconic Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum to the Nemo Science Center.

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