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Top 7 Best Movie Theatres In Canada

Though watching a movie on a mobile phone is somehow convenient, it’s still missing something. It’s maybe because some movies are more suitable to watch on a big screen. So, here we have the top 7 best movie theatres in Canada to satisfy film lovers.

The Patricia Theatre


This is the longest-running movie theatre in Canada until now. 

In 1913, it appeared as just a small silent film house. The theatre owners’ has updated the business with digital tools and modern surround sound. However, they still try their best to keep the theatre’s historic aesthetic vibes. They also manage to maintain live-performance acoustics shows.

They have a promotion of the “Cheep-Cheep” ticket nights. You have to purchase only $6 for a ticket every Monday. However, the promotion is not available during the premiere times of newly released movies.

The theatre also offers wheelchair service, as long as you call ahead and book in advance a box slot.

Cinema Du Parc – Movie Theatres In Canada


Resided in the hub of downtown close to McGill University, Cinéma du Parc recreates the most varied set of films. It offers about 300 movies each year. 

The theatre chooses flicks according to what it supposes are the best, not simply the blockbusters. It also provides films in French and English subtitles to make sure its viewers can enjoy the movies in their own languages. Especially, the movies here hardly have been dubbed. 

The owner of Cinéma du Parc currently does some make-over to the seats making it a comfy indie theatre.

TIFF Bell Lightbox


The main purpose of this theatre is to host prominent Hollywood events. The most famous is the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Besides that, TIFF Bell Lightbox provides movies on big screens and other special activities such as festivals, lectures, etc. all around the year. The theater has 5 big modern screens to catch new indie and retrospectives films at their best.

This place also has a library for movie references, a gift store, and 2 restaurants. Due to its modern accommodations, TIFF Bell Lightbox has reasons to become one of the best spots for movie buffs.

Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas – Movie Theatres In Canada


For those who are not a big fan of 4DX movies, this theater is kinda not way too suitable for you.

This is one of the five Canadian multiplexes that offers the best experience of 4DX features. Shifting seats and other moving elements such as “scent, water, lightning, wind, etc. offer unique effects in the most precise way possible. 

If characters in the film smell a fragrance, you can surely scent it too. And even if they were caught in the downpour? We hope you prepare an umbrella. Nah, just kidding!

The Park Theatre


This unconventional theatre is the biggest log cabin multiplex in North America. 

Established in 1937, the Park Theatre is a designated inheritance building. Its location is in the lovely Riding Mountain National Park. It is originally a family-run cause back then, they had a 12K Digital Barco Projector with 7.1 surround sound. 

But kindly note that the theatre is not available during the winter. Its working time is from May to September.

Scotiabank Theatre – Movie Theatres In Canada


In 2014, this was the foremost cineplex in the globe to apply Imax with Laser to the movies. It means that the films are brighter, sharper, and delivered in the widest spectrum of shades available. 

The theatre has other features for audiences to experience such as  RealD 3D and DBOX. These features offer you a unique film-watching since the seats will move the characters’ actions on the big screen. They even have a bar for people who want to try a pre-show beer.

Royal Theatre


The Royal Theatre tries its best to maintain its custom of engagement with society. For instance, it holds “baby-friendly” playings of PG+ films at noon every Tuesday. During the show, There are house lights raising, stroller parking, etc. so parents can relax with their adult flicks without annoying other audience. 

The ticket prices on Tuesday are only $10 for all showings. It already includes a drink and buttered popcorn.

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