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The pony miraculously survived and was healthy after the mother was in a car accident while pregnant

Both mother and child are lucky to be alive after the mother was hit by a car while pregnant.

Majesty has a broken nose and a deep laceration in her chest, while the fate of her unborn foal remains unclear.


Fortunately, the mare was treated by a veterinarian and brought into the Redwings horse sanctuary before giving birth to Monarch three weeks ago.

Nicola Berryman, the veterinary welfare surgeon at Redwings, said she was ‘absolutely emotional’ during the birth. “A few days have passed since he came into this world,” she said. ‘They had some initial problems with feeding him but the foal and mother are both in good health and doing well now.’

Her microchip shows she is 11 years old, but her owner details are not registered. Majesty’s rehabilitation began at a boarding facility before she was taken to the Redwings in February and to one of its Norfolk locations.

But the anxious wait for her pony continued, until it arrived safely on April 7.

Redwings spokeswoman Leanne Plumtree said: “We were told it was a miracle. ‘We are all confident that the foal will be born safely, but everyone is worried that may not be possible. So that’s a reason to celebrate, seeing that everything is fine. ‘

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