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Amsterdam In The Top 10 Safest Cities In The World in 2022. What are the reasons?

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index is a study that ranks 60 cities according to 76 indicators of environmental, personal, and digital security. Unsurprisingly, Amsterdam is ranked sixth in The Top 10 Safest Cities In The World in 2022.

It’s among the safest cities on earth, and it makes sense why. Amsterdam is one of the most livable cities because of the high standard of living there. Everyone can agree that living a happy city life in Amsterdam is possible, including commuters, investors, locals, students, expats, and tourists.

It is consistently included in “good” lists that evaluate how sustainable and healthy cities are in addition to how safe they are. Amsterdam is appealing, so it ought to be on a traveler’s bucket list.

Travelers Are Welcome in Amsterdam


A city is considered safe by residential standards if it is also welcoming to tourists. In Amsterdam, there are numerous attractions that visitors can visit, many of which are secure even for first-time visitors. The city is full of Instagram-worthy locations, from historical sites to the busy business district. This is one of the safest cities in Europe.

The Netherlands is one of the happiest countries, and Amsterdam is a prime example of this. It has a very high Human Development Index score, which is not surprising given how happy the locals appear to be.

Don’t forget to visit Red Light District if you have solo travel in Amsterdam. This neighborhood is very famous but also quite complicated with the highest crime rate in Amsterdam. Make sure you know your personal security rules when traveling. The bars and clubs here are also very interesting.

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It’s Bike-Friendly


It is a given that images of bikes or bikers will appear when looking for pictures of Amsterdam online. As it should be, given that the city is known as the “world’s bicycle capital.” One of the reasons Amsterdam is safe and the residents are content is because of the town’s bike-friendly roads.

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The Public Spaces Are Warm


There are a lot of open public spaces in Amsterdam compared to many other cities. It is one of the factors that make the city one of the happiest and most livable in the country.

The biggest park is Vondelpark, which is a local favorite for its expansive green space. Sarphatipark, on the other hand, is the go-to destination for dog lovers. Families with children must go to Rembrandtpark on sunny afternoons because it has a petting zoo.

In addition to parks, Amsterdam squares like the well-known Dam Square, the artistic Museumplein, and the Heinekenplein for beer lovers are welcoming.

Investors and businesses adore Amsterdam.


Amsterdam appeals to a wide range of people. In this alluring city, businesses, investors, ex-pats, and students fall in love as well.

Since many industries have their headquarters in Amsterdam, job seekers looking to relocate will have plenty of opportunities there. The city has a very high HDI in part due to its effective governance, which attracts investors. Even foreigners are drawn to Amsterdam by its allure because it is a place where they can always feel comfortable. Expect Amsterdam to be a diverse city that truly has something for everyone because it is a global city. Additionally, the city has excellent rail connections from its airports, so both leisure and business travelers won’t have any trouble getting around.

It’s surprising to learn that a developed city like Amsterdam can maintain its identity despite developing into a major international hub. The fact that it has areas where locals and visitors can unwind is even more surprising considering that they are in Amsterdam and are therefore not stressed. Amsterdam is an incredible city, and it’s simple to fall in love with it. This is the reason why Amsterdam is safest cities in Europe.

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The Canals Are Adorable


Because of its extensive network of canals, Amsterdam is known as the “Venice of the North.” Since the city was originally founded as a fishing village and was named after a waterway, it could be considered the city’s lifeblood (Amstel River). The city’s elaborate and well-planned canal system is regarded as a World Heritage Site.

As it passes through the heart of the city, Prinsengracht is one of the most well-known canals. Meanwhile, Brouwersgracht is well known for its breweries. For history buffs, Bloemgracht is well-known for its buildings with distinctive architectural styles and the residences of some artists. Not to be outdone, Herengracht is proud of its sizable and tastefully constructed canal houses. Canals make Amsterdam become the most unique and safest city in Europe.

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List of top 10 safest cities in the world in 2022

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  • Wellington
  • Hong Kong
  • Melbourne
  • Stockholm
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