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7 Traditional Foods Must Try In Canada

Known as the second-largest city in the world, Canada has plenty of traditional cuisines which depend on its various terrains and regions. Let’s find out the top 7 traditional foods that you must try in Canada and make the trip more wholesome.

Butter Tarts – traditional food in Canada


You may know egg tarts, but have you ever heard about Butter Tarts?

This quintessential treat first appeared around the 1900s in Canada. Since then, it has been the iconic dish of the Great White North. With a pastry shell, a caramel center, and a crunchy top, butter tarts will bring up a perfect sweet that makes you fall in love.

Poutine – the best traditional food in Canada


Eat Poutine when you travel to Canada or regret it forever! 

Originating in Quebec, this traditional food has grown popular throughout the country and outside the border. Crispy fries, melty cheese curds, and brown gravy, the recipe is seemingly simple, but still, the devils are in detail. To have the ultimate Poutine, ingredients have to be high-quality. The cheese curds are squeaky when bitten and the gravy is meaty-rich.

Bannock – a canadian snack for camping


You can never beat Bannock!

Bannock actually came from Scotland. However, it was widely adopted by Indigenous Canadians. People will use dough or grain to bake these flatbreads. In addition, they can also be combined with a variety of toppings such as bacon or butter. 

Travelers could have them as a grab-and-go snack whenever go sightseeing in Canada.

Montreal-style Bagels – canadian sweetness

montreal bagels
montreal bagels

It is an endless competition between Montreal-style bagels and New York bagels!

Bakers will boil Montreal-style bagels in honey water and cook them in wood-fired ovens. So they are denser and sweeter than typical ones. Customers can enjoy the plain crunchy bagels or get them topped with poppy or sesame seeds.

Nanaimo Bars – traditional food in Canada

nanaimo bars
nanaimo bars

Another dish from Canada for sweet-tooth travelers! 

The classic dessert is named after Nanaimo city in British Columbia. They are available in most Canadian bakeries or cafes. Nanaimo bars require no baking or heating. They include three layers: a yellow custard, the crumb base, and the chocolate ganache.

Tourtiere – traditional meat pie in canada


Let’s get to know one of the most popular pies in Canada – Tourtiere!

It is a traditional dish of the Quebec region, usually served on Canadian holidays. Tourtiere has a flaky shell and a filling of pork, beef, veal, or game. Seasonal spices and herbs make the bake more wonderful. Effortlessly provoking people’s hunger!

Split Pea Soup – the best traditional dish in canada

split pea soup
split pea soup

Want to get through the harsh winter in Canada? Grab yourself a bowl of split pea soup!

Canadians usually blend salt pork, dried yellow peas, and herbs together to create a creamy delicious texture. Vegetarians can also enjoy the dish by replacing meat with other vegetables such as carrots or cucumbers.  

You can taste the authentic recipe of this soup by visiting Quebec, one sip of it will immediately warm your belly on cold days.

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