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Rare sight: Kangaroos were found frolicking in the snow in Australia

Snow and kangaroos are not typically associated with one other.

However, strange weather in Australia has resulted in an odd sight: joyful kangaroos hopping across a thick white layer of snow.

Following a snowfall in New South Wales over the weekend, a breathtaking film shows scores of distinctive Australian animals bouncing around the snowy landscape.


Amazing footage shows the animals leaping through a frozen field as others skip through the thick white blanket.

In one video, a car speeds through a field while kangaroos bounce around, sending up large clouds in their path.


Stephen Grenfell, a resident of New South Wales, shared some of the bizarre clips on Twitter with the caption: ‘Not something you see every day in Australia.’ Kangaroos playing in the snow. #Kangaroo #Wildoz #Snow


Grenfell stated that his video was shot three hours west of Sydney. Since then, the tweet has received 6,400 retweets and 20,000 likes.

According to the Weather Channel, Australia was slammed by an extraordinary cold spell, with up to five inches of snowfall and wind speeds of 70 miles per hour in New South Wales.

Snow blanketed towns across the state, with the Blue Mountains and the Central Tablelands receiving 10-15cm of snow.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), 10-20cm of rain fell in Orange on Saturday, with another 5cm falling in Guyra.

The odd weather caused havoc over the weekend, with railway services leading into the Blue Mountains being canceled due to unsafe track conditions.


Seven flights were canceled at Sydney Airport’s domestic terminals, with some planes delayed up to 30 minutes.


International planes were delayed by 45 minutes in some cases.

Because of the frigid temperatures, the BOM issued a sheep graziers alert for most of the state.

‘There is a risk of loss of lamb or sheep exposed to freezing temperatures,’ according to the BOM.

A Kangaroo sneaks into people’s houses to steal food, punches the owner, and breaks her wrist.

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