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A Kangaroo sneaks into people’s houses to steal food, punches the owner, and breaks her wrist.

Kangaroo fights with humans is no longer a strange thing in Australia. However, punching a woman so weak that she had to be hospitalized was the first time.

The victim this time is Ms. Patsy Brown, who lives in Bargara, Queensland. On Thursday morning (January 2), she was preparing to welcome the new year when she spotted a kangaroo loitering in her garden. She said: ‘I don’t hate kangaroos, but I don’t like them wandering around in my yard like that. You know, they can be destructive and cause very serious consequences. So I snuck behind this kangaroo, hoping to scare it away.”


However, things were beyond Patsy’s control when the kangaroo got into the house through the windshield. Then it discovered all her and her family’s food and started eating.

At this point, Patsy couldn’t help but immediately speak up to chase it away. However, the unruly kangaroo not only did not panic but calmly stood up and turned to attack her. “He refused to leave,” she recalls the horrifying memory of that day, “He got really aggressive when I interrupted his meal. Right after the first hit, I realized I was really in big trouble.”

Patsy said the kangaroo’s punch was so strong that she fell to the floor shortly after. However, it did not stop but continued to trample and scratch her. As a result, the victim broke his wrist, his whole body was bruised with many wounds that didn’t stop bleeding. “At that time, I thought I was going to die,” she said.

Fortunately, her husband intervened in time to be able to chase the kangaroo and take her to the emergency room.

This is not the first time kangaroos have “bullied” humans, and even struck them that they threatened their lives. About half a month ago, also in Queensland, a kangaroo up to 1.8 meters tall appeared calmly destroying a resident’s garden. It then went down the street and attacked three more people, before hitting an older woman so much that she had to be hospitalized.

Prolonged hot weather in Australia is also considered one of the reasons why kangaroos become more aggressive, often appearing in densely populated areas. With widespread forest fires, they almost lost their habitat and food source, and were forced to move to avoid heat and starvation. That’s why recently, another kangaroo entered a people’s swimming pool to take a dip, but no one dared to chase it away.

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