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Interesting Historical Facts About Pearl Harbor

If you are a big fan of history, you should never let these interesting historical facts about Pearl Harbor slide. We bet you’ve heard about some of them before. So, let’s find out now

The First Shot Of Americans – Facts About Pearl Harbor


This is the first fact of this series about Pearl Harbor. 

Some recent data shows that the first authorized American shots in the War the Wickes-class desecrator USS Ward bombed and plunged a Ko-hyoteki-class midget sub near the entry to the harbor. And the event occurred on the morning of December 7th, 1941.

The minesweeper Condor spotted The Japanese sub’s periscope beyond the water. They then warned the force of the Ward, and extended fire on the intruder.

The Length Of The Attack


The Pearl Harbor attack started at 7:55 am HST on Sunday morning. The defenders did not know which direction they should shoot because the troops appeared from all directions. They decided to target buildings, ships, warehouse sites, airstrips, etc.

Soldiers, dive bombers, high-level bombers, and submarine bombers covered the sky, laying down their poisonous loads across Oahu. The two spirals of the aircraft legislated a serious toll on their prey, namely battleship row.

The USA Enter World War II – Facts About Pearl Harbor


The following day after the invasion, which is the 8th of December, Congress authorized Roosevelt’s proclamation of war. The US announced war on Japan.

Three days afterward, Japanese partners Italy and Germany started the war against the USA. About 2 years later or more after the start of the battle, the United States eventually joined World War II.

The Supposed Role Of Subs Of Japan


The Japanese army had intended to use their subs for a number of various missions heretofore, during, and after their Pearl Harbor attack. Before the fighter planes and bombers of Japan came from their airplane transports to the north, these torpedoes were to scout to stab the harbor’s guards. Once the invasion from the air began, they were to fire their subs at targets and run back out the track.

After the raid, these subs were to station themselves in pre-designated areas of the islands to take up pilots who couldn’t come back to their conveyances because of power or motorized problems. 

The Attack Didn’t Beat The American Pacific Fleet – Facts About Pearl Harbor


In the jaw-dropper attack on ‘Battleship Row’ on the 7th of December, Oklahoma and Arizona received serious damage above by bombs or sub hits. Of the 2,026 American seafarers and marines who died in the attack, 1,606 of them had been on these two vessels.

Three more battleships namely the Nevada, California, and West Virginia fell upright in the water of the harbor. They were rescued, and meanwhile, many ships did not return to the battleground for many years, most sorrowed curable damage. 

The Missouri Battleship


These two powerful naval battleships served the United States proudly for numerous years stand, landed near each other in the harbor. The Arizona battleship, laying below the soft tides of the harbor, where it bungled up and dropped in the attack.

This ship symbolizes the end of the war. The potent ship, founded in 1944, partook in the shelling of Iwo Jima and Okinawa before coasting into Tokyo Bay to host the ceremonial sacrifice of Japan. They marked at a small table on her timber terraces with seafarers and marines detecting the proceedings.

The USS Arizona Now Still Drips Fuel – Facts About Pearl Harbor


The day before the attacks, people fulfill the ship with approximately 1.5 million gallons of fuel. Much of that energy allowed to kindle the blast and following fires that ruined the ships, but surprisingly, some fuel resumes seeping out of the destruction.

According to the History Channel, the Arizona “resumes dribbling up to 9 quarts of petroleum into the harbor per day.” This counts to the inspirational sincerity of this monument and those seeing usually refer to this phenomenon as “black tears” or the “tears of the Arizona”.

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