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A Basic Guide On Transportation In Australia

Today, we offer a basic guide on transportation in Australia for you in case you are in need. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you thought. But if it does, we will make it simple for you. 



International students claim that they spend about $700 – $ 1500 per year just for communicating. So, having a bicycle is an economical option. Students can either buy a bike or lease it. 

Some cities in Australia offer bike-share systems such as Urbi, Melbourne Bike Share, Brisbane City Cycle, Share A Bike Canberra, Hobart Bike Hire, Adelaide Free Bikes, etc.

However, you must wear a helmet when traveling on Australian streets, and follow the rules, of course. There are lights on the back and front of the bicycle. Remember to lock the bike to protect it from theft.

Bus and CoachBuses – Transportation In Australia


These are one of the most typical and frugal types of transport for multinational students in Australia. 

In most cities, you can use a reusable smart card to commute on a bus or coach bus. However, in some regional areas, you have to buy tickets directly from the bus drivers.

They also offer another type of transport, which is more affordable when it comes to long-distance travel, the coach bus. 

Commute by coach is convenient since many of the vehicles have onboard amusement and toilets. Recent coaches with a modern design even have USB charger points and an internet connection.

To reserve a bus or a coach, you can go to websites such as Transport Network Australia, Greyhound, Bus Charter, etc.

The Rail System


The subway and train system in Australia links to every area of the nation. The big rail web in Australia contains more than 33,919 km of routes. It is one of the most comfortable and suitable ways of transportation on the land.

Some favored rail service providers in Australia such as NSW TrainLink Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne, The Ghan Adelaide – Alice Springs – Katherine – Darwin, Tilt Train – Brisbane – Rockhampton, Indian Pacific Sydney – Broken Hill – Adelaide – Kalgoorlie – Perth, Spirit of the Outback Brisbane – Longreach, etc.

Taxis – Transportation In Australia


If you want to be as comfortable as possible when having a long-distance journey, catching a taxi is an ideal option. 

Just like in other countries, you can easily see them on the roadside. Since cab providers now have applications for easier booking and calculating fees, you don’t have to worry about unreasonable extra costs anymore.

Or else, you can access the public transport app to estimate your journey’s price before taking a taxi. 

Generally, the taxi fee is higher after 10 pm. If you want to book cabs to tour within Australia, we suggest Premiercabs, 13Cabs, and Rydo.



Air trip wraps up the extensive distances between the main cities in Australia, which eventually saves your time. For instance, if you need to transit between Perth and Sydney, it will take around 5 hours. But if you travel between the same places by roadway, it will take about 40 hours to 14 days, relying on the numerous stopovers you make when journeying. The 4 significant airlines in Australia namely Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Tigerair, and Qantas.

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