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Top 7 Fascinating Facts About Toronto

A Canada lover will never let our list of the top 10 fascinating facts about Toronto slide. Let’s see how many things you have known about this stunning city. Not wasting your time more, let’s jump right into the text.

Toronto Is Truly A Big City – Fascinating Facts About Toronto


This is the most extensive city in Canada and the 4th biggest city in North America. The population of Toronto is now about 3 million residents. More impressed, the Greater Toronto Area brags inhabitants of nearly 6.5 million! 

Toronto is also one of the fastest-growing folks in North America.

Toronto Has The Only Castle In North America


In fact, the only genuine castle on the continent is Casa Loma. The location is in midtown Toronto.

You may overhear that this is just a mansion with gothic revival style, but who actually cares? As long as the castle remains in its ancient beauty and holds historical values, it’s still worth the name. 

They Plant More Than 10 Million Trees In The City – Fascinating Facts About Toronto


 Toronto is surely famous for its modern facilities, but this city is still close to nature enough to cover the entire area with green ad fresh air. 

According to current data, Toronto frankly has over 25% woodland coverage. which is no small accomplishment for a large North American metropolis. Moreover, the city devotes 18% of its land size to parks. 

So, if you’re ever concerned about embarking on a forest trip, you will easily find perfect treetop trekking sites near Toronto!

The CN Tower – Biggest Free-Standing Structure In The Western Hemisphere


Up until 2007, the CN Tower kept the acme of the tallest free-standing facility on the earth. It’s been the crown owner for about 32 years. And now, the inheritance of the crown is for the Burj Khalifa – the skyscraper in Dubai.

The CN Tower is surely the most recognizable design in Toronto’s renowned skyline.

Toronto Has A Team In Every Primary Sports League


The list is endless but some famous team names you may hear such as Toronto FC (MLS), the Blue Jays (MLB), the Leafs (NHL), the Marlies (AHL), the Wolfpack (Rugby), the Raptors (AHL), the Rock (Lacrosse), etc.

They are known for their sports spirit and skills. You must at least once watch their live match to enjoy the atmosphere at its fullest.

This Place Has The Biggest Zoo In Canada


Not only popular in Ontario, but this zoo is also well-known worldwide. It’s the shelter of more than 5,000 creatures symbolizing around 500 distinct species.

Toronto Zoo wide has an unbelievable 710 acres, with tons of indoor and outdoor bowers. You can find this amazing zoo in Scarborough.

Toronto’s Pearson Airport Is Canada’s Busiest Airport


Toronto Pearson International Airport managed about 50 million passengers to go along with nearly 500,000 flights in 2019. No small function, certainly. And in 2019, Pearson also continuously delivered flights to 200 other countries around the world.

Unsurprisingly, Toronto is frequently one of the most active airports in North America.

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