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Top Must-Read Ireland Education Facts

If you’re planning to study abroad or your family relocates to Ireland, here is the list of the top must-read Ireland education facts you should never let slide. So, let’s get into the business. 

Free Education – Must-Read Ireland Education Facts


In Ireland, children from 6 to 16 years old must accomplish secondary school. The schooling time is 3 years and is totally free of charge.

Only being sent to private academies, parents have to pay for the children’s school fees. Otherwise, the government supports the education system at all levels such as primary, second, high school, etc.

English Is The Main Language


Don’t be fooled by the title, we’re so sorry. Still, at all levels of schools in Ireland, Irish is still the primary language.

Now, schools that mainly specialize in Irish have become more prevalent in the country. To conclude, people use Irish to teach in local schools and so does English as a second language.

Even Adults Can Go To School – Must-Read Ireland Education Facts


Actually, the idea of Lifelong learning comes from Scandinavia. Until now, many nations have applied it to their education system, including Ireland.  

This country offers various programs for adults, especially for the unemployed such as “Post-Leaving Certificate” courses, the “Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme”, etc. so that they can learn significant skills and have more chances to make ends meet. 

Irish Nationwide Schools


Primary schools in the state appeared first in 1831. Since then, nationwide schools are under the supervision of a council of administration under diocesan custom. The man at the top is a clergyman. 

Lately, Irish people are requesting fully secularized schools for their children. 

Preparatory Schools – Must-Read Ireland Education Facts


These kinds of schools in Ireland are totally independent and do not depend on the state for any grant at all.

The purpose of these schools is to prepare children before they go to independent or voluntary secondary schools. And again, the patronage of a pastoral order will take care of the schools.

They Have Many Small Schools


One of the fundamental components of the Irish schooling system is that they have many small schools.

For example, there are 3,250 primary schools but 200 of them are 2-teacher schools, 200 others are 3-teacher and the major rest are 4-teacher schools.

The Growth Of Developed Service For Children – Must-Read Ireland Education Facts


In 2000, the Ireland government decided to invest in the premature childhood education and care section. It’s really helpful for both children and parents. And it lets the services outside the traditional instruction system develop as well.

10. Theoretically, the school system here is private

As mentioned above, the state funds all of the schools in Ireland. But basically, the school system stays private. It’s because the owners of these schools are still organizations or spiritual sects.

Preschool Children Have The Best Facilities


With the government’s acquisition of the premature childhood schooling and care section, accommodations such as crèches,  pre-schools, nurseries, playgroups, Irish language pre-schools, etc. are always open to them.

Irish parents can make sure that their children are safe and sound. 

Free Pre-School Year System – Must-Read Ireland Education Facts


In January 2010, the state announced a free pre-school year system that lasts for 38 weeks to their people.

They called that ECCE procedure and extended it to an utmost of two free nursery school years. The course is for children from 3 years and 2 months to 4 years and seven months in September of the related year.

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