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Things Visitors Must Know When Travel To Ireland

Ireland is one of the ultimate destinations for oversea students or travelers because of its spectacular landscape and unique culture. If you’re looking forward to studying or visiting Ireland, you should carefully prepare to have a great time. Here is what you need to know about Ireland before packing up the clothes and traveling to this beautiful emerald island!

Ireland has 2 main languages – things must know about Ireland

Ireland is an English-speaking country, but this is not the only language here. According to the Constitution of Ireland, Irish (Gaelic) is the first official language and it is considered a compulsory subject in schools. While most people in Ireland speak English, residents on the west coast prefer to use Irish. Although you don’t need to know Irish to study abroad or travel, you still should learn some common phrases.

Irish people use a lot of slang


Irish people use a lot of slang in daily conversations. For example, instead of “How are you?”, you’ll often hear people say “Hey, what’s cracking?”. Another example is the word “grand.” This is a word that can be used for many different purposes in Ireland, depending on the context, including thanks, perfect, fine, and don’t worry,… 


What’s cracking? (How are you?) – I’m grand (I’m fine)

How’s the class? (How was the class?) – Ah, it’s grand (Ah, that’s fine)

How was your trip? – Grand! (Wonderful)

The land of castlesthings must know about Ireland


Ireland is the land of ancient castles – a great cultural heritage of the world. These castles were built by the Irish, the English, and the Scots throughout history. Whether intact or even in ruins, castles remain a special feature of the Irish landscape. Of the 3000 castles across Ireland, some of the most impressive are Cahir, Blarney, and Kilkenny. 

Learn about Ireland’s historythings must know about Ireland

Learning about the culture and history of Ireland will help you understand life and the people here better. For example, Ireland is actually divided into 2 different countries: the Republic of Ireland – a free, independent country and Northern Ireland – ​​the territory belonging to the United Kingdom. In addition, there are many interesting cultural and historical features in Ireland that you definitely won’t want to miss to broaden your knowledge.

Immerse in the slow pace of Ireland


People in Ireland prefer to live in Kairos Time rather than Chronos Time. Instead of chasing the hurry existing timelines, Irish people see fully enjoying the moment is more important, and that time passes quickly or slowly is only relative based on each person’s opinion. Unlike the dynamic pace in other cities, Irish life is quite “chill” and peaceful.

The moody weatherthings must know about Ireland


Ireland’s weather is quite similar to England, a bit murky, windy and sudden rain. If you plan to visit this island nation, an umbrella or a thin waterproof jacket is a necessary item. Usually, rains in Ireland last only 15 to 30 minutes, and after them, everything becomes fresher. The most beautiful time here is spring when all the trees are racing to sprout. You should try walking through the Irish parks this season, it feels like losing in the middle of a fairy tale.

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