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Terrifying moment a hulking kangaroo called Arnold shows off his guns and weight lifter pecs in a shallow stream

A massive kangaroo was spotted bathing in a creek on a Margaret River ranch in Western Australia.

During a regular dog walk along the Boodjidup Creek, Jackson Vincent came across the river roo.

Mr Vincent told The Telegraph that he began to feel intimidated when the wild animal approached him and his dog.

He was afraid the muscled beast would attack kelpie Dharma.

Online commentators speculated whether the roo was planning an attack on Mr. Vincent's kelpie Dharma due to the animals extended claws and puffed-out chest (pictured, above)

‘I am pretty confident around animals but the moment when he started to come out of the water my heart definitely jumped and I decided to take a few steps back,’ Mr. Vincent told The Telegraph.

‘He looked to be at least two metres tall or taller and must have weighed at least 100 kg’.

‘I definitely wouldn’t like to take him on in a boxing match’.
Kangaroos are mostly docile animals, but if threatened, they have been known to attack dogs, humans and others of their kind.

Kangaroos are typically peaceful animals, but when threatened, they have been known to attack dogs, humans, and other animals of their type.

The ripped roo's swim in the shallow waters was interrupted by Mr. Vincent who was walking his dog along the Boodjidup Creek on a Margaret River property.

In self-defense, wild kangaroos have been known to seize and drown potential predators.

The hulking kangaroo squared up to Mr. Vincent's dog and tensed its bulging muscles in preparation for a fight

A kangaroo will extend its sharp claws to attack a predator, utilizing its strong tail to balance while kicking, grappling, or boxing its opponent.

The enormous marsupial’s toned physique, puffed-out chest, and keen claws drew praise from online commentators. One commentator referred to the roo as “the Arnold Schwarzenegger,” while another inquired about its “exercise routine.”

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