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Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs that you didn’t know

You may not know Hawaii has the strangest Laws and Customs among others. Hawaii is the crown gem of the United States. Is it near the mainland? Nope. Is it very strategic? Nah-ah. Do natural resources abound? No, not at all. No, Hawaii is that sliver of land that appears to have been added to the country. Because people needed a nice tropical holiday place where they could still nominally be in the United States. Are you considering relocating to or visiting Aloha State? Remember that there are some strange regulations, habits, and laws in America’s paradise.

Be aware of Alcohol

When visiting the islands, it is critical to keep your cool (and your buzz) at all times. Of course, you must take everything in stride, and the state’s regulations enforce this by requiring you to have only one alcoholic beverage in front of you at any given time. You’d better hope the service is nice wherever you drink.

Hawaii's-Strangest-Laws and-Customs
Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

Fishing, yet again?

This one isn’t so much regulation or rule as it is a caution to all passengers. Be cautious of SPAM. You may already know to avoid canned meat at the market (because it’s awful), but potted meat is popular in Hawaii. Hawaiians are the country’s largest SPAM consumers.

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

Bathing suits are not permitted

If you’re wearing a bathing suit on the streets of Waikiki, you should probably wear something over it, otherwise, you might get in trouble. People, please cover-up. You have to wonder if that law was enacted out of a sense of public propriety or because too many bathing suit wearers were causing men to get into conflict with their significant others.

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

You Shouldn’t Eat Your Second Wife

What’s on Earth am I reading?! But… yeah. One of the state’s indigenous Polynesian people, the Orakama, are very careful to ensure the safety of the women who get married. They have declared it illegal to eat your second wife. Whether or not that same rule works for the first, third, or any subsequent wives isn’t for sure … probably best to just hope you’re wife number two, I guess.

They’re anti-pet in Hawaii

Pets are apparently prohibited in Hawaii. The state’s legislation makes it illegal for a private residence to have more than fifteen dogs and cats at any given time. It’s possible that having so many cuddly things under one roof could be harmful to your health, but how can you resist those puppy dog eyes or beautiful whiskers?

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

Those from the Sea

While we can only hope that this one isn’t strictly enforced, people may be punished if they don’t have a boat, according to current state legislation. Of fact, given that the state is divided into a number of smaller pieces distributed throughout the seas, this one might actually take care of itself. You can’t just take public transportation to get around that, can you?

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

No straying

They must have severely opposed aimlessness at one point in the state’s history since it was unlawful to leave your residence without knowing where you were headed. To be honest, this seems a little unjust. After all, wandering sounds like a fantastic activity since the beach is never far away no matter where you are.

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

Don’t annoy the pigeons

In the Aloha State, they take their birds’ tranquillity very seriously. It is considered impolite to irritate any bird that is resting within the boundaries of a public park. Of course, that’s silly, since if you’ve ever seen a pigeon, you know they’re simply asking for it. I suppose if you want to work out your pigeon angst outside of the parks, they’re fair game.

Hawaii's-Strangest-Laws and-Customs
Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

Behind-the-Ear Tattoos Are Prohibited!

Unless an actively practicing doctor is present, Hawaii has made it illegal for its people to have a tattoo behind their ear or on their eyelid (why would anyone want a tattoo on their eyelid?!). That has to make tats like this prohibitively expensive, right? I can’t fathom how much those physicians charge for standing about.

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

Please do not feed the sharks

It’s prohibited in Hawaii to feed sharks. However, it shouldn’t be because anyone dumb enough to trigger a shark’s hunger urge deserves what comes to them. They likewise forbid possession of shark fin in Hawaii, and for good cause. They are the butchers of nature, yet they are still unbelievably awesome.

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

The Duplicate Standard

This is a rule that can unequivocally be attributed to the mysterious but powerful pickup truck lobby. Riding in the backseat of a car without wearing a seat belt is unlawful in Hawaii. It is, however, perfectly legal to sit in the back of a moving pickup truck without any type of safety equipment.

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

Never permitted twins to work together

Twins to work for the same company under state law is illegal. Actually, I completely understand. Even if twins have actual abilities to contribute to the same firm, it can be quite difficult for people to have to discover the minor nuances that make someone distinctive.

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

The Rule of No Coins in the Ear

Someone had a horrible encounter with an uncle who pretended to be intelligent but really simply invaded your personal space. Oh, you discovered a penny in my ear? Because it was soiled? Uncle Jerry, you should execute the magic act for everyone who isn’t me. Is it true that I get to retain the quarter? Golly! You’re very kind. It may seem a little extreme, though, to pass official legislation prohibiting the use of coins in the ears.

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

Pidgin – “Emotional Language”

The official languages of the state are English and Hawaiian, but there is also a mash-up of these two tongues that have evolved since the 1800s as a result of the inflow of new people to the state. This hybrid pidgin/creole is known as the “language of feelings”. A sizable section of the state’s population speaks the language (albeit they also speak English).

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs

Billboards are completely illegal

Here’s a rule that could help additional states in the United States. It is unlawful to erect a billboard in Hawaii. Of course, that makes some sense. After all, why would you want to contaminate your experience with superfluous advertising when you’ve got incredibly beautiful natural grandeur extending out on all sides?

Hawaii’s Strangest Laws and Customs
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