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Why is Cycling in Netherland unforgettable?

Holland is the best bike destination! It’s no surprise that riding is popular here, with its flat scenery, short distances, pleasant climate, and superb infrastructure.

Feel like a true local

There are more bikes in Holland than people. The Dutch prefer to go by bike whenever possible. There is no better way to immerse oneself in Dutch culture than to hop on a bike and explore Holland’s stories.
Young and old, seasoned bikers and inexperienced cyclists… Because Holland is a flat country, it is ideal for a bike ride regardless of age or experience. There are even children’s bike tours and riding vacations.

Dutch Cycling

Holland offers some of the most stunning cycling roads in the world

Whether you want to ride for a day or go on a multi-day bike tour, Holland is the place to be. There are various National Cycling Routes designed specifically for multi-day cycling trips. If you prefer a day trip, you may easily plan one using the cycling route network. You can’t get lost!

Bicycle roads and e-bikes

E-bikes are no longer just for the elderly! In the Netherlands, younger people ride them to school, and an increasing number of adults commute to work on an e-bike. You can travel a unique bicycle route in some spots to avoid the annoyance of cars, traffic lights, and dangerous junctions! These specialized cycling lanes are ideal for covering longer distances on your e-bike. They are also accessible to standard bicycles, allowing you to go at your leisure. There’s no need to rush! The route from Utrecht to Amersfoort via the Heuvelrug, as well as the RijnWaalPad between Arnhem and Nijmegen, are excellent examples of such bicycle lanes.

E-bike in The Netherlands

Cycling brings you joy

While cycling across gorgeous polder countryside, it’s easy to forget about your concerns. Do you want to go on a carefree bicycle excursion for a few days? Book a fully catered cycling vacation. Everything will be taken care of for you. So all you have to do is ride your bike and enjoy your vacation.

Cycling in Netherland is unforgettable

Cycling safety

We all know cycling is a safe, easy, and peaceful hobby in Holland. Over 32,000 kilometers of bike lanes extend in all directions, allowing you to go wherever you wish. Furthermore, over 30,000 kilometers of bike route networks have been established. People denote it with the cycling junction network and the long-distance LF Routes. Cycling signage is great. There is no chance to get lost as a rider. Last but not least, the Dutch are used to biking in traffic and will take your participation into account.

Cycling in Netherland

Let’s rent a bike and explore the Netherlands

Renting a bicycle during your visit to Amsterdam is a must! Get on your bike and cycle through Amsterdam’s most picturesque routes, along mesmerizing canals, over the well-known Dam Square, and past the majestic Rijksmuseum, or pedal from Amsterdam to Edam. You can rent bicycles at a variety of locations, including MacBike Amsterdam, Yellow Bike, or Bike City…

Rent a bike and explore the Netherlands

There may be no better way to discover Holland than by bike. Discover the best bicycle routes in The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Amsterdam, passing through stunning nature reserves like Hoge Veluwe and through the world’s most beautiful windmills. You can rent bicycles in a variety of locations, including at major train stations, city centers, and frequently at your lodging.
Rent a simple single-speed bike, preferably with a coaster brake: they’re straightforward to operate. You can rent bikes or join an organized cycling tour with a tour guide in addition to renting bikes. It’s not only entertaining, but it’s also informative! When renting a bike or visiting a tourist information center, make sure to ask.

Rent a bike and cycle in Netherland

Cycling vacations

Do you enjoy riding and wish to experience the beauty of Holland in a unique way? Then a bike vacation is precisely what you need. These vacations are typically fully facilitated, with all details handled and taken care of. Such as lodging, luggage transfer, and bicycle rentals if necessary. You’ll travel over the most memorable routes, via the Dutch shore, beautiful landscapes, and iconic Dutch landmarks.

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