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7 Famous French-Canadian Writers You Should Know

As a multinational country, Canada received many sources of culture and art. And if you are a huge fan of this nation’s literature, this list of the 7 famous French-Canadian writers you should know will give you more information to learn.

Roch Carrier

Roch Carrier was a children’s author, playwright, and novelist who gained national love, especially in Quebec. The nostalgic and humorous portrayals of the rural life in this province have appeared as his impressive touch. The work was in the shape of poems and short tales.

Other publications such as Jolis deuils, La guerre, yes sir!, etc. of him won many prestigious prizes. Even nowadays, his writings are still one of the best largely learned academic works by a French-Canadian.

Émile Nelligan – Famous French-Canadian Writers


Émile Nelligan is considered one of the most well-known Quebec poets. He impressed readers with his delicate and unique poems. 

Sentimentality, melancholy, and the scrabble of being a poet kept his decisive writing in both structure and content. Nelligan obviously became a rebellious modern poet during his time.

The common themes in his poetry were various. For example, it could be about romance, patriotism, or restrictive style. Though his career was short because of his mental illness, his contribution still greatly affected the literary history of French-Canadian poems.

Gabrielle Roy


As an outstanding student, Gabrielle Roy began her career as a schoolteacher in small towns close to home. People describe her writing as mesmerizing realist stories from the city. It also contains dreamy and autobiographical vibes from the country. 

Her best famous piece, The Tin Flute, is formed during World War II in the St. Henri neighborhood and exposes the influence of the war on humankind. She was the foremost Canadian to gain France’s Prix Femina for this book.

Anne Hébert – Famous French-Canadian Writers


She began writing poems from a very young age. The two main tragic events that affected her works forever are the death of her only one sibling Marie and her cousin Denys Garneau.

Hébert’s writing is full of discreet and vivid illustrations, digging into suffering and death. Her best-known work is the book Kamauraska. This is a classic of literature in Quebec in particular and in Canada in general.

Marie Laberge


Laberge is one of the best vital names in Quebec writings. She is a romancer, dramaturge, and comedian. Her poetic work is unique, universal, and creative. You can even find other features such as extreme emotion, violence, etc. in her writings.

Marie Laberge learned journalism at the Université Laval. However, she dropped out the school to follow her real dream – the theatre. Eventually, she gained both national and international recognition all around the world. 

Her famous plays such as L’Homme gris, C’était avant la guerre à l’Anse à Gilles, etc. brought her numerous awards.

Jacques Poulin – Famous French-Canadian Writers


Jacques Poulin is the most francophone author of the North American of Quebec. He specialized in psychology and arts at the Université Laval. He then started his profession as a college guidance counselor and a state translator. 

After his thriving second book, Jimmy, Poulin determined to devote himself full-time to literature. He is famous for his simple works, where ideal places the loss of innocence meet each other.

His most renowned book – Volkswagen Blues gained the Prix Belgique-Canada among other noteworthy writings. Poulin’s has strings of prizes not only national but also worldwide, such as the Prix Gilles-Corbel in 2008, the Prix Molson des Arts du Canada in 2000, and Prix Athanase-David in 1995.

Michel Tremblay


 In 1964, Michel Tremblay’s first performance, Le Train, was the winner of the Radio-Canada Young Authors’ Competition. 

He then proved himself as a promising artist in Quebec with his second play, Les Belles-Soeurs. The play raised concerns about many argued things of that time, such as political, sexual, and social stuff. Tremblay also depicts the hardships of homosexuals in the community at the time since he is gay. He won the title of the Prix David and Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres de France and from Quebec for his fundamental bookish contribution.

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