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7 Stereotypes Every New Zealander Hates

Each country in the world has its own sensitive points. And, so does New Zealand. This list of 7 stereotypes every New Zealander hates will help you somewhat avoid losing their goodwill towards you – an outsider.

New Zealand Means The Middle Earth 


After plenty of myths and movies, people around the world kind of assume that is a place of magical things, such as wizards and hobbits. Or you can call it the middle earth. 

However, we are we’re speaking about a true land here. Things you’ve seen on the big screen should only stay in your imagination. New Zealand is just a place with stunning views that film crews choose as their background.

Kiwis are incensed enough about The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, don’t make them bother more. 

A Part Of Australia – Stereotypes New Zealander Hates


Never say that to anyone, not just only the New Zealander. It sort of hurt their national self-esteem.

Imagine this is like assuming Canada belongs to the USA, mistaking Scotland with Ireland, and confusing Holland and Poland.

Nobody wants cultural insensibility. This mistaken one will surely prick Kiwis as well.

Anything Relevant To Sheep


They do have a large proportion of sheep, but not as that much as you suppose. 

In reality, the “New Zealand has more sheep than residents” stereotype is gradually evolving into something of the past. 

Let’s not dig deep into the jokes about sheep as well. The locals might exchange good-natured banter, but they’ve actually known every single joke before.

Everyone’s Hometown Is Auckland – Stereotypes New Zealander Hates


Due to the fact that people in New Zealand live in this biggest city, a common stereotype is raised that everyone comes from this metropolis. 

It’s kind of fine actually, as long as you are not mistaken for their original homeland as another nation. However, it may bother those who live in the countryside.

So, take time to think about the latter group before making this question. Moreover, you have to know that, New Zealand is small, but it’s not that small.

Where In The World Is New Zealand?


In fact, many worldwide maps neglect regions, even New Zealand. And this starts to become a stereotype. 

In real Kiwi fashion, there’s even a web page devoted to this disgraceful deletion. Just think about it how would you feel if somebody couldn’t point out where your homeland’s spot? It might not seem way too bothering, but the query gets a bit tiring sometimes.

Expensive Cost – Stereotypes New Zealander Hates


It has to admit that even the experienced traveler still gets surprised when it comes to New Zealand’s cost of goods.

Things in this country are truly pricey. It is kind of another whole level from the rest of the globe. Even the New Zealanders are aware of this. However, for them, it’s just normal life. No need to fuss about it.

If you visit this country, you should prepare money in advance. And try not to complain too much about the cost.

Wholefully Pure


When promoting their landscapes, New Zealand claims that nature is 100 percent pure. You may hear this phrase before, right? 

However, this is not the exact truth. Sure that the country is full of epic places such as scenic coasts, and gorgeous greenery. But the pollution surely covers the whole earth. 

So, praise the nation’s magnificence, they love that. But just remember that the phrase you’ve seen is a stereotype that has long buzzed in many New Zealanders’ minds.

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