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7 Reasons Why The Netherlands Is A Perfect Place To Live

In recent years, the Netherlands attracts many international students and even immigrants. So, why this phenomenon happens? There are plenty but in this text, we will show you 7 reasons why the Netherlands is a perfect place to live.

The Dutch Are Friendly


When coming to a whole new environment, you surely need help. Lucky for you, the Dutch are famous for their hospitality. They are truly welcoming and open. If you want them to give you a hand, just ask, they won’t pass you through. 

You can have a little chat with strangers on public transportations such as buses, trams, etc. As long as you are polite, they will treat you the same way. You can merely nod your head, give a gentle smile or say thank you. It’s easy to do, right?

You Can Speak English Here – Reasons The Netherlands Perfect To Live


In fact, the majority of people in the Netherlands can speak English very well. They use this language to communicate on a daily basis. You can easily overhear an English conversation on the street, on trams, in malls, in convenience stores,… 

In more professional places such as schools, workplaces, etc. people tend to use English as well. If you are trying to create a conversation with somebody who is using Dutch and they are aware that you get struggling with it, they will politely change to English.

But try not to use this as a reason not to learn their own language. Because schools here offer Dutch language lessons for international students. They even have community classes for you to practice.

Superior Organization And Framework


This country is now evolving into one of the best popular nations for emigrants. In 2018, more than 100,000 international students chose the Netherlands as a destination to pursue their studies. 

Organizations here offer much encouragement to their citizens. That’s why youngsters are going to the Netherlands to start their careers or to take part in internships in their intentional specializations of study. Due to its framework, you can find it’s really beneficial for you to start an internship and then your whole career path here.

Simple To Find A Job – Reasons The Netherlands Perfect To Live


Finding part-time jobs for international students can usually be hard in some nations, but you can find it’s quite easy in the Netherlands. Even emigrants can take a chance to establish their own business here. 

More important, if you find a full-time job while still studying in the Netherlands, you won’t need a work permit. But remember that this policy only applies to residents of a country that is a part of the European Union or the European Economic Area, or if you live in Switzerland. 

The Work-life Balance


The list of things that surpass other nations in the world seems endless. But the spotlight is their working hours. You will see that the amount of the working time here is less than in other European countries on the average. They tend to put more care into family and me-time activities.

Speaking on statistics, men and women here work roughly 35 hours a week for part-time jobs. Some even work from home for a day or two. To balance, the basic income is fairly higher. This leads to the fact that they have a higher standard of living.

Safety And Tolerance – Reasons The Netherlands Perfect To Live


Surely your mind will be free if you know that you are always safe in such a brand new environment.

The Netherlands is one of the countries that has the lowest crime rate in the world. Due to its low levels of deprivation, drug policies, and the system’s typical favoring of restoration over imprisonment. The Dutch take regulations extremely seriously, so sticking to local rules is normally a must.

You will also see that tolerance is at the hub of the nation’s remarkable sense of balance. The Dutch welcome all races and people with different cultural backgrounds. 

Easy To Travel Around Europe


As the Netherlands isn’t an extremely extensive country, it’s effortless to cross from one city to another. Moreover, since this country is in the Schengen area, you can easily travel across the nations.

Its ideal location is also a plus for a traveling soul. The land sits between Belgium and Germany, so you can explore these countries in just a nick of time. It takes you only a short car drive to reach France and Luxembourg.

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