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10 kangaroos were rescued from Kharkiv zoo in Ukraine under Russian attack

Kangaroos were frequently shelled during Russia’s on Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv, prompting an immediate evacuation.

A video shows the animals being relocated to a new home from Feldman Ecopark, where three staff members and three animals, including orangutans, were k.i.ll.ed after being entangled in the horrible combat zone.

An emergency evacuation has saved kangaroos repeatedly shelled in the Russian onslaught on Ukraine's second city Kharkiv. Pictured: Kangaroos from Feldman Ecopark in Kharkiv evacuating in a van on March 24

‘It’s been one month since the battle began, and we’re still evacuating the animals,’ says a van driver fleeing with the terrified kangaroos.

‘These kangaroos are already safe,’ the zoo stated.

‘This is excellent news, considering their enclosures were sadly repeatedly bombarded.

‘We feel they will be alright now.’

‘Many thanks to volunteers and staff who risk their lives to save animals, as well as to our many friends – loving people, businesses, and non-governmental organizations who help us financially and make our rescue operations possible,’ added the statement.

‘Your assistance actually saves lives.’

The kangaroos were the most recent animals to be rescued from Feldman Ecopark in Kharkiv.

Unfortunately, some people were k.i.lled in the attacks.

‘We cannot avoid disasters,’ a spokeswoman said.

‘Another s.av.age shelling k.i.lled four fallow deer and three Welsh goats.

‘The list of our pets’ victims of aggressiveness is growing, and it now includes huge cats, primates, ungulates, marsupials, and birds…

Sadly some have been killed in the attacks. 'We cannot avoid tragedies,' said a spokesman for the park

‘Feldman Ecopark has been under attack for the past month.

‘In order for the bereaved list to stop growing, we must remove all the animals.’

The winter cages of great apes at the popular facility were devastated ten days ago by mortar firing by the ‘Russian’

According to accounts, two orangutans and a chimp perished.

Staff and rescuers recently saved rare spurred turtles, as well as white-nosed and blue monkeys.

‘It’s not simple to evacuate such turtles, which can weigh 100kg or more, but we did it.’

‘These Red Book giants successfully bred at our Ecopark for the first time in Ukraine, and we trust everything will be well with them.’

According to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency, the zoo contained over 300 species of animals but had been regularly struck by Russian bombardment since February 24.

Wolves were among the creatures that escaped during the turmoil.

A five-month-old orphaned baby koala breaks its arm after falling from a tree and receiving an arm cast.

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