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A Guide to Ebor Falls, New South Wales Magnificent Waterfall

Ebor Falls is a magnificent cascade waterfall with two significant drops on the Guy Fawkes River in Northern New South Wales. It is one of many well-liked tourist destinations along the Waterfall Way, a scenic route that passes through the national parks of New England and Dorrigo. Continue reading to learn how to discover this stunning waterfall, where to leave your car, and where to find the best lookouts.

1. Ebor Falls

The Guy Fawkes River plunges via two magnificent waterfalls at Ebor Falls, more than 100 meters into a gorge.

Lava from the Ebor volcano, which erupted millions of years ago, formed the scenery of Ebor Falls. The lava rock formations and basalt columns may be seen very clearly when you look at the waterfalls closely.


The abundance of picnic spots, viewpoint points, and walking trails near Ebor Falls makes it a well-liked weekend getaway. Two new lookout platforms that provide breathtaking views of both the upper and lower falls were inaugurated in September 2008.

2. Track for Walking and Lookouts

At Ebor Falls, there are two lookout platforms, each with a parking lot:

  • Upper falls lookout
  • Lower falls lookout

The primary viewing platform is right near the first parking lot, from which you can get a great view of the higher falls. The second parking lot is about one kilometer further west, and it offers views of the lower falls as well as the gorgeous Guy Fawkes River National Park’s surroundings.

An easy and scenic walking path that follows the edge of the escarpment above the Guy Fawkes River connects the two parking lots. It is strongly advised to walk this route and take in the stunning surroundings rather than taking a car to the second lookout.


The primary viewpoint platform at the higher falls puts you right up close to the water show, but the second lookout platform offers the greatest views of both the lower and upper falls.

With the higher Ebor Falls in the distance, you can clearly see the size of the lower Ebor Falls from there. The views are breathtaking, especially after a period of intense rain. A third viewpoint point on the walking trail, which provides expansive views of Guy Fawkes River National Park, is a short distance away.

3. Getting to Ebor Falls


Driving towards Ebor from Armidale or Wollomombi Falls, take Grafton Rd and Waterfall Way. After that, turn left into Ebor Falls Road and go until you reach the parking lot. Instead, if you’re coming from Dorrigo, just drive along Waterfall Road until you turn right onto Ebor Falls Rd.

4. Parking guide

At Ebor Falls, there are two free parking lots. One is at the higher falls, while the other, which is smaller, is at the lower falls.

The two main lookouts are denoted with an “X” on the map below, while the two parking lots are denoted with a “P.” It is advised to park at one of them and travels between the two viewpoint platforms on the lovely walking path.


Please be aware that the Waterfall Way and the walking track are truly connected.

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