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10 Reasons Why Spring is The Best Time to Visit The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful place to visit in the spring. The days are growing longer, the flowers are lovely to look at, and you can sit outside and have a beer well into the evening. Why should you travel to the Netherlands in the spring? Here it is.

1. Lovely tulips

Holland becomes a stunning tulip country from April to May each year. The Netherlands is well-known for its breathtaking tulip fields, though you will also see other flowers like daffodils starting in March.


Without a doubt, Keukenhof is the ideal location to view the tulips. Around 7 million flower bulbs can be seen in Keukenhof’s fields. Although Keukenhof is the best and most well-known, there are many other fields to visit throughout the Netherlands in the spring.

2. Frisian Islands

There are many other things to see in the Netherlands in the spring beside the well-known tulip fields. The Frisian Islands, which are off the coast of the Netherlands, are among the most underappreciated travel destinations.


Texel Island, which features a breathtaking 30-kilometer beach, is unknown to most travelers. To get a breathtaking perspective of the Wadden Sea, climb to the top of the lighthouse.

3. Enjoy a boat tour around Amsterdam


The ideal season to visit Amsterdam is spring. Enter the city and take in the beautiful scenery and blue, clear skies. Despite the tulip fields that surround the city, there is still a lot to do in the center of Amsterdam. While you’re in the capital, you absolutely must take a boat excursion. When you cruise around Amsterdam’s canals, take in the scenery while you’re sitting back.

4. Cycle across the Netherlands


One of the nations in the world that is most welcoming to cyclists is the Netherlands. The best time to pedal around Holland is in the spring. Discover the tulip fields while riding along some of the best roads in the nation. We enjoy cycling through the lovely parks nearby, though you may stay in the cities and view the canals in a different manner.

5. Enjoy yourself at the theme park

This spring, you can visit a ton of theme parks in the Netherlands. Enjoy the sunshine and ride those roller coasters. Efteling is the best theme park to visit. It is entirely influenced by fantasy!


See the largest water show in Europe, ride a roller coaster, take the kids to a show, and, if you’re feeling courageous, walk inside the haunted house. Slagharen offers all the rides you’ll need for a day out, along with live performances with a Wild West theme if you’re looking for a more authentic experience.

6. National parks are also amazing in spring


During some seasons, nature simply glows. One of the greatest seasons to explore the national parks of the Netherlands in spring. Beautiful heathlands, flowers, wildlife, and much more may be found here. De Biesbosch, where you can cycle and hike around the breathtaking freshwater park, is one of our top selections among the national parks.

7. Dutch Windmills are famous all around the world

What could be more Dutch than touring tulip fields? Visiting each and every windmill! In the Netherlands, from Amsterdam, and Rotterdam, to The Hague, windmills are everywhere. The finest site to view windmills in Holland during spring is Kinderdijk.


The community is surrounded by windmills and environmental preserves, making it a famous location year-round. But springtime is when it really shows off its splendor. Despite being beautiful, Kinderdijk is well-known. The only remaining windmill in Delft is called Delften Molen De Roos, so check it out if you’re seeking a real hidden gem.

8. Enjoy King’s Day

Festivals king's day
Festivals king’s day

The Dutch join together to celebrate the king’s birthday on King’s Day, also known as Koningsdag, to the locals. It is a huge celebration day. Everyone gets the day off for the festival, which takes place every April. The experience of visiting Amsterdam on King’s Day is very different. With street parades, festivals, and flea markets in the spring, the city comes to life. Party the day away with the locals!

9. Relax on the beach in spring


The beach is conveniently close to several of the Netherlands’ top cities. Why hold off till summer? Be ready for a volleyball match, a stroll down the beach, and much more. There are many enjoyable and unusual activities along the coast. Even better, you can eat regional cuisine at a former shipyard in Amsterdam’s NDSM Pier while watching seals return to the water at a rescue center.

10. Check out the flower gardens

We all adore tulips, but this spring, let’s show some appreciation for the other springtime blooms at the gardens. The botanical gardens at Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam and Hortus Haren in Groningen are two of the best locations to stroll among floral gardens.


Due to its beautiful scenery and convenient position in Amsterdam, Hortus Botanicus is one of the most popular gardens in the nation. One of the nicest features is the butterfly garden house! Hortus Haren is the best option this spring if you want to travel further from Amsterdam. This garden’s Chinese-inspired design is a must-see.


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    If you want to travel the world through blogs then my articles will satisfy you. With a never-ending journey, I'll take you to the best cities and exciting experiences!

If you want to travel the world through blogs then my articles will satisfy you. With a never-ending journey, I'll take you to the best cities and exciting experiences!


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