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Zaanse Schans: A Famous Town With Tulips, Windmills, And Museums

Nothing except history can be seen if you look around the Zaanse Schans. When you view the wooden facades, slit windows, and low doorways, you’ll get a sense of nostalgia, no, more than that, mild homesickness. In this place, the echoes of centuries worth of memories may be heard in every chamber. Within these walls hundreds of years ago, people slept, cooked, laughed, cried, loved, fought, gave birth, and passed away. The Zaanse Schans continues to exist since everyone resides there, we look forward to telling you the tales associated with these unique locations including tulips, windmills, museums, or camping there.

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Tulips In Zaanse Schans


Tulips are a common sight for the average Dutch person in April and May. After that, we must wait another year for all those lovely hues. We had a fairly brief season due to the years of organizing tulip excursions. That’s how we got the bright idea to extend the tulip trips beyond the typical off-season (April and May). You may also take a tour of a tulip hatchery from October to March. The vacationers adore it.

Windmills In Zaanse Schans


With vast meadows in the background, you can already make out the windmills’ sails slowly turning from a distance. Although everything seems peaceful, there is hard work being done inside the mills. The belly of the building’s moving sections and creaking, laboring wood provide an impressive scene for sawing wood or milling oil, flour, spices, and paints. Take the steep stairs up to the mill’s platform to take in the stunning view and see how the local economy has evolved.

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We could talk about the history of the Zaans for hours, but visiting one of the museums on the Zaanse Schans is the only way to actually experience the stories firsthand. Learn how goods were manufactured, how raw materials were handled, and how they were once transported. At the Zaanse Time Museum, you can operate the chocolate wrapping machine or immerse yourself in the world of watchmaking. Do you frequently visit museums? A Zaanse Schans Card will help you save a lot of money in that case.


Without the craftsmen who created this odd footwear, there would never have been the distinctive clatter of wooden clogs on cobblestones. We also have the traditional Dutch cheeses and the Delft Blue decorating style thanks to the Old Dutch handicrafts. While strolling through the town, you will come across a variety of craftspeople. You are welcome to peer over their shoulders, and they will be pleased to demonstrate the origins of their specific goods. The craft stores offer a wide variety of items that make beautiful keepsakes of our unique past.

Camping In Zaanse Schans, Why Not?


Zaanse Schans is really a suitable place for you to have a day camping with friends or family. It would be great to see the tulips while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the Zaanse Schans village with the people you love. Be sure to check the weather forecast for a perfect day camping in Zaanse Schans. Also, remember to bring all the equipment for a day of camping such as tents, food, water, lighters, blankets, and mattresses.

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