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Living In Toronto Vs Ottawa: Which Is The Best To Choose?

Canada is currently one of the hot destinations for immigrants. Or maybe you’re getting bored of your repetitive pace of life and want to explore new things. Either way, choosing the right destination is essential. Let’s read our post “Living in Toronto vs Ottawa: Which is the best to choose?” to make the right decision.

Life In Canada – Living In Toronto Vs Ottawa


Canada is a suitable destination for relocation. In 2018, about 310,000 people made a move to Canada.

Canada is one of the countries with the lowest crime rates and economic stability worldwide. And if that’s not appealing enough, let’s see the perks you’ll get once you have Canadian citizenship. With three years of residency, you can have free schooling,  public healthcare, and more.

The matter here is which is the best suitable for you to reside, right? And you’re in two minds about two options, Toronto or Ottawa. So, we will give you a closer look at life in these two cities. Then, you can compare these two and make up your mind.

Education Opportunities


Both cities have top universities in the world.

Ottawa has the two most prestigious Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. Thanks to these two universities, Ottawa has the greatest number of citizens per capita who have achieved a Ph.D. nationwide. 

This face may make Ottawa a tempting destination for families. However, it could lead to the student crowd across the city. So, if you’re looking to settle down, you should think twice before making the decision.

As a much bigger city, Toronto obviously has more learning opportunities. There are more than 20 colleges and universities within the city. Some of the most renowned are The University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University, etc.

So, if you’re not minding the good crowds, when it comes to education chances, Toronto wins this section.

Health Care Services – Living In Toronto Vs Ottawa


In fact, Ottawa offers specialty hospitals that Toronto doesn’t appear to have.

Meanwhile, the general health care system of Ontario Province demands the Ontario Health Insurance Plan’s use. If you’re a newcomer, you have to register the card after living in the province for three months.

So, speaking of available access to health care services, Ottawa wins.

Cost Of Living


As a central city, the cost of living in Ottawa surprisingly seems to be pretty affordable. First, the average income is about $104,070, higher than the national average. Besides, the real estate prices are quite low as well, about $418,354 for an independent apartment.

Meanwhile, the cost of living in Toronto is a big thing that’s worth your consideration. An independent apartment costs an arm and a leg, about $1,276,184. An alternative such as renting a house will cost approximately $2,000/month. With an average income of about $78,280 per capita, this destination might be out of reach for many.

So, living in Toronto vs Ottawa? This time, Ottawa wins again.

Ottawa – The Other Cons – Living In Toronto Vs Ottawa


Ottawa is a bilingual city. It means that, besides English, you have to know a thing or two in French.

Another minus point is the unemployment rate. Though it remains low across the city, common jobs here are relevant to political management or other specialist roles.

As a result, you can struggle to seek a job that fits you after residing here.

Toronto – More Pros


Low crime rates have always been the greatest plus point of Toronto’s life. These figures are so low that the city is naturally mentioned as one of the safest cities worldwide. So, this is an ideal option for those who are seeking peace of mind. 

Plus, as the financial capital of Canada, this city is an attraction for businesses. They can make the most use of readily available workforces. It means that if you meet the job requirements, you certainly won’t have to struggle to settle.

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