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Must-Try Tasty Traditional Dutch Food: Broodje Kroket

The Netherlands is among the countries with a thing for pop-in-your-mouth snacks. Today, we will show you one of the tasty traditional Dutch food: Broodje Kroket.

What Is Broodje Kroket?


This is a favored Dutch sandwich. It consists of bread and deep-fried creamy balls stuffed with veggies. 

Broodje Kroket sandwich’s shape is typically cylindrical and stuffed with a meat ragout. The most common ingredients used for this kind of Dutch food are herbs, onions, margarine, butter, flour, beef broth, and beef.

The food shows contrast in texture. Crunchy and crispy outside, smooth and soft inside.

The Origin Of Broodje Kroket


In Amsterdam, it has long been an economical method to make the most of leftovers. People mixed uneaten meat roasts and stews with sauce. Then, they rolled it into logs, breaded, and deep-fried it.

This snack actually took off during WWII. They eventually became assembly-line production as an inexpensive essential. After that, the Kroket turned into a fast-food treat. It has also appeared as a typical food in the Netherlands at the vending machine-style automats.

Where To Find Broodje Kroket?


Amsterdam is a great destination to have a taste of this Dutch food. There are 2 famous spots with this Dutch food that you can’t miss.

The first one is Eetsalon Van Dobben near Rembrandtplein. Its specific address is Korte Reguliersdwarsstraat 5-7-9. This place is in the shape of a lit lunchroom. It has had the most famous Kroketten and Broodjes since 1945. 

The Broodjes here is as regular Dutch as you can have. It is full of cold sausages, raw minced beef, salt beef, liver, or of course, Kroketten. The price for a portion is €2,75. We suggest traditional rundlets, beef, or shrimp. They also offer vegetarian, veal, and cheese. Don’t forget to ask for butter. It will add to the flavor and make your Broodjes greasy. 

The other must-try Kroket spot in town is Patisserie Kwekkeboom. It has numerous branches and of them is at Reguliersbreestraat 36.

Here, you can have the basic Broodje Kroket sandwich with beef and peanut sauce or vegetables. Do not skip the delicious pastry-wrapped saucijzenbroodjes as well. This is sausage roll, a type of food in the Netherlands, for your information.


Generally, these two spots above draw good crowds. So, if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of attractions, we have some alternatives.

Patisserie Holtkamp is also well-known for its Broodje Kroket as well as baked Dutch food. The must-try here is veal and shrimp. This thoughtful place also offers a vegetarian-friendly cheese variety. The address is Vijzelgracht 15.

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