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8 Interesting Things To Do In Vancouver At Night For Late Sleepers

Not everyone sleeps in early. Additionally, it appears that individuals no longer value getting a good night’s sleep in this age of the internet, social media, and other technologies. If you want to party at night and you live in Vancouver, continue reading and take a look at these gorgeous locations. Had a busy day at work? Want to unwind with a beer or two after visiting the city all day? Do you miss the casino life and Las Vegas? Be at ease! Vancouver has the solutions to all of your problems. Let’s look at the top activities to do at night in Vancouver, including sushi, gay bars, karaoke, and a lot more.

Gay Bars At Night In Vancouver


Nothing like enjoying an ice-cold beer on a patio at a laid-back bar on a sweltering Vancouver afternoon (rare as they may be). Some of the best places to drink during the day in the summer and people-watch are on Davie Street. In order to make a place for a dance floor at night, several of them move their high tops to the side (naturally). Don’t forget:

  • Score on Davie is Vancouver’s first gay sports bar and serves greasy pub grub to patrons who enjoy watching the Canucks and other Vancouver teams play on the large screens.
  • Pumpjack Pub: A laid-back bar, Pumpjack is well-known for its leather and bear patrons during the workweek. Weekends draw a more diverse audience. Check out the wildly popular Sunday afternoon keggers if you don’t mind sharing personal space with many folks.
  • The Fountainhead Pub: The Fountainhead offers classic pub meals in a lighthearted setting and welcomes a variety of queer people (check out the painting of big genitals scattered amongst the pool tables and dart boards). It’s a terrific spot for Sunday brunch (for adults only).
  • Junction: Controlling the entertainment on Davie Street by hosting drag shows (as well as stripteases and comedy) every night of the week. The menu at the bar won’t deliver much.
  • The local young professionals frequent the 1181 Lounge, pronounced “eleven eighty one,” for weekday happy hours and RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing events. On Sundays, there is a drag show as well.

Go Shopping on Robson Street


After dark, one of our all-time favorite activities is to stroll among the vibrant boutique shops. One of Vancouver’s largest and busiest shopping districts, Robson Street, is worth a visit. Otherwise, you might be disappointed when you get home.

Robson Street, which is open until late at night, is veritable heaven on Earth for all ladies and boys, with an excellent array of designer options tucked among local options. You are welcome to visit Robson when the sun is shining, eat a light supper, and then save the rest of the evening for some retail therapy in Vancouver.

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Late Night Sushi In Vancouver


Here is a look at all-you-can-eat sushi places in Vancouver that are open late and those that are open 24 hours. If you’re looking for what to do in Vancouver late at night, eating sushi is a great option!

  • Kosoo Restaurant is open until 2 am or 3 am.
  • Fritz European Fry House is open until 2 am or 3 am on the weekend.
  • House of Dosas is open 3 am.
  • JOEY Burrard is open until 1 am or 2 am.
  • No 9 Restaurant is open 24 hours.

Make A Bet At River Rock Casino


After dinner, do you want to try your luck? Your favorite nightclub in Vancouver can be found at River Rock Casino, thanks to its many amenities. River Rock Casino gives you the option to eat in, play some games, and manage your bankrolls by housing all three services under one roof. Is there anything better than enjoying some grilled food while placing your biggest wager? Spend your extra cash tonight by going right to River Rock Casino!

Karaoke Vancouver At Night, Why Not?

The karaoke scene in the greater Vancouver area is undoubtedly diverse. These karaoke establishments will demonstrate a nightlife place for everyone in Vancouver, regardless of whether you prefer to perform in a tiny space or on a large stage.

  • Fantacity: Fantacity karaoke on Robson Street, one of the first and most well-known locations in downtown Vancouver, offers large private rooms for rent as well as a bar with a variety of drinks. That sounds like the ideal dish for singing along. Fantacity is open until 2 am.
  • Simply Delicious: There is a strange karaoke joint on Main Street. A Japanese-style pub called Simply Delicious offers an open mic where you may perform for the patrons. You might find yourself rocking out with a little bit of a stutter because food and beverages are generally inexpensive. Simply Delicious is open until 1 am.
  • Millenium Karaoke: The best karaoke in Richmond can be found at Millenium Karaoke, which is on Number 3 Road. After dinner, have some friends over and sing along to a selection of more than 40,000 songs. Make some lifelong memories while enjoying some beverages and singing. Millenium Karaoke is open until 2 am.
  • Funky Winker Beans: Visit Funky Winker Beans every day of the week to sing along at their karaoke bar. Bring your vocals and show up any time after 9 o’clock. Funky Winker Beans is open until 3 am.

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Visit Gastown Tour


For any history enthusiasts visiting Vancouver, Gastown seems to be the ideal present. This old village has the ethereal, vintage feel of a typical European neighborhood. It’s time to let history do its work if you’re seeking a completely new way to discover Gastown on your own terms!

If you don’t take the Lost Souls of Gastown Tour, visiting Gastown at night isn’t enough. This evening activity is more than simply a tour; it transports you to Gastown’s early years and gives you the creeps with its tales of retaliation, murder, and crit. With an expert storyteller who can mesmerize you with tales of horrible fires, diseases, and crimes, you will go through the shadowy passageways and hidden buildings during the trip.

Play Pinball and Arcade Games At Colony

Do you know that there is a location in Vancouver where you can purchase alcohol and play arcade games all in one place? Colony Bar is the ideal location for you if you enjoy uncomplicated joy or discovering a common type of fun with the guys.

Granville Street, in the heart of downtown, houses Colony Bar. The pub is typically thought of as a haven for socializing with friends, having a ton of beer on tap, and having a great time.

Explore The Craft Beer World


Are there any craft beer drinkers here? It would be a waste if you overlooked Craft Beer Market Restaurant while in Vancouver because, as we all know, Vancouver has some of the richest craft beer scenes in all of Canada.

The restaurant is housed in the iconic Salt Building and offers a wide selection of delectable finger foods and top-notch beverages. The New North American Classic Cuisine served at Craft Beer Market Restaurant pairs perfectly with the vintage lagers and esoteric ales.

Craft Beer Market Restaurant is constantly crowded with guests and white collars looking for real nightlife in Vancouver after work. It has 100 beers on tap, ready to quench your thirst. The Maisel’s Weisse, a genuine Bavarian wheat beer with a hint of German clove scent, would be our go-to choice.

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