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Why The Netherlands is the Best Country to Study and Live In?

The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most famous countries for its endless tulip fields, delicious food and diverse culture. Therefore, in the eyes of students and foreigners, the Netherlands is the most worth living and studying country. Come with me to find the answer to this problem!

World-renowned universities


The Netherlands was recently named one of the top six countries globally with the most prestigious universities. Top Dutch universities such as the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, Leiden University, Erasmus University Rotterdam,… Good universities, friendly locals, delicious food, and English are spoken everywhere, which is why international students choose the Netherlands.

You can cycle everywhere –


The Netherlands is, without a doubt, the bicycle capital of the world. The Netherlands is a small and flat country, so cycling to work or school has become familiar for hundreds of years. This is also an excellent way to exercise, protect the environment and save money!

Dutch people speak English very well

Compared to other European countries, most Dutch people speak relatively good English. However, you should use the opportunity to learn Dutch as a student – especially if you are considering working in the Netherlands after your studies and want to quickly integrate into Dutch society and enjoy the local people. Just because Dutch people can speak English well doesn’t mean they want to all the time!

You can travel to Europe –


The Netherlands’ location means weekend or summer trips to other European cities like Prague, Bruges, Paris and Budapest are cheap and easy. Many international students at WUAS organize their studies so that they have plenty of time to travel around Europe.

Doing a Master’s degree is a natural thing.

It is widespread for students at Dutch universities to obtain a Master’s Degree after their first graduation. Employers in the Netherlands tend to focus more on your postgraduate degree than on your Bachelor’s degree.

Life is good!


In a survey published by this month, 84% of ex-pats rate their life in the Netherlands from good to excellent. Only seven people in a poll of 1,300 people rated their quality of life as poor, the survey taken online in mid-April showed. readers were also asked what aspects of life in the Netherlands they found most confusing. Topping the list is language, with 31%. Next are the tax system (23%) and health services (15%).

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