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Why Is Heeia Fishpond So Important To The Ecosystem Of The Hawaii Islands?

Why Heeia fishpond is so important to the ecosystem of the Hawaii Islands? How is the pond’s condition nowadays? What to see in this special region? Read our post and you’ll find out!

Crucial Role In Balancing The Ancient Ecological System


Fishponds have been a vital part of the Hawaii Islands for hundreds of years. They held the ecological balance of the old system. This is a way to handling water and food that combines resources from the mountains to the sea. Heeia Fishpond on Kaneohe Bay in Oahu is a perfect instance of this creative system.

Heeia’s walled system was once an important factor in the region’s natural watershed. Also, it’s an essential aquaculture resource. Scientists guessed that there were about 500 fishponds across the Hawaiian Islands. As time goes by, however, the number of these fishponds has decreased. It’s all because of the appearance of industrial agriculture and its negative influence.

History Of Heeia Fishpond


In 1965, a storm caused severe damage to Heeia Fishpond. It was even nearly lost. The locals put in many efforts to reconstruct and preserve the pond.

According to experts, Heeia Fishpond existed for at least 600 to 800 years before. Native Hawaiians built it by using large blocks passed hand-to-hand from long distances. 

The pond indeed makes up about 88 acres in Kaneohe Bay. Its salty water is an estuary mixture of seawater and freshwater. This is basically the ideal water source that creates food for fish. To maintain it and ensure its health, the government even had to enact strict laws.

The length of the fishpond’s wall is around 1.3 miles. It is perhaps the most extended in all of Hawaii. Its wall creates a semicircle, with many gates that allow the movement of aquatic animals from deeper waters into the shallows of Kaneohe Bay.

Heeia Fishpond is home to many food fish species. For example, mullet, trevally, and other different genres of crustaceans. It’s an secure area. Community organizations, military volunteers, and citizens look after the fishpond carefully and strictly.

Tours To Heeia Fishpond


In fact, not only the visit tour, but you can also take a volunteer tour to Heeia fishpond. 

The fact that the invasive mangroves have choked off the freshwater’s flow into Kaneohe Bay. As a result, the residents have put in much effort to clear the mangroves. The Paepae O He’eia nonprofit group is now in charge of this responsibility.

Many tourists have come to give a hand so that Heeia Fishpond could return and perform its traditional purposes one day.

For those who just want to have a vacation, Paepae O Heeia offers the chance to partake in native Hawaiian culture. Some destinations present an adventure as unique and authentic.

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