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The First Deadly Kangaroo Attack In Australia Since 1936

In Western Australia’s Great Southern area, an elderly man perished following what appeared to be an attack by his pet grey kangaroo in September 2022.

On Sunday night, a relative discovered the 77-year-old with significant injuries on his farm in Redmond, close to Albany. Paramedics were sent to the scene.


After the kangaroo got hostile and obstructed entry to the injured guy, police were summoned to help. Tragically, the victim passed away at the site. The kangaroo is thought to have attacked the victim earlier in the day. Police think the animal was a wild one that was being kept as a pet and was under the age of a year old.

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According to a spokeswoman, the responding officers had to use lethal force to put down the kangaroo because it posed a continuing threat to first responders.

The extent of the man’s injuries has not yet been disclosed by emergency services. The coroner will receive a report. The attack occurred on a property in Redmond, 27 kilometers northwest of Albany. It’s Australia’s first fatal kangaroo attack in 86 years.

The latest fatal attack occurred in 1936 when 38-year-old hunter William Cruickshank attempted to save his two dogs from a kangaroo brawl near Hillston, western New South Wales. He had a shattered jaw and severe head injuries and later passed away in the hospital.

The western grey kangaroo, which may grow to weigh around 70 kilograms and measure 97 to 223 centimeters from head to tail, is native to the Great Southern area.


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