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What To Expect At Yoho National Park, Heart Of Canadian Rockies?

Yoho National Park is one of Canada’s most spectacular national parks and has beautiful mountain scenery. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to snow-capped mountains, stunning lakes, raging rivers, far-off glaciers, and enormous waterfalls. The park borders both Banff and Kootenay National Parks and spans a section of the Rocky Mountains. We outline the top attractions, waterfalls, some helpful tips such as weather, map in Yoho National Park.

When to Go: Weather vs. the Busiest Time


To determine the ideal months to visit, we crunched 30 years’ worth of historical weather data and/or park service data. If we could avoid it, we avoided the busiest travel seasons and searched for the best weather, with the least amount of snow and rain. All of this information then assisted us in determining when is the very best time to visit.

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What are Yoho National Park attractions?

Find a breathtaking wilderness.


Yoho was given its name from a Cree word that translates to “wonder and awe,” a phrase that sums it up perfectly. Yoho is quite simply a dramatic wilderness, complete with rock walls, waterfalls, and almost 30 mountain peaks that rise more than 3,000 meters into the air.

Visitors traveling east on our First Passage to the West route actually get their first taste of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Yoho as we travel through the town of Field and into the Spiral Tunnels, just west of Banff and just over the border with British Columbia.

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Yoho National Park waterfalls can be explored.


This park is the location of numerous stunning waterfalls. Wapta Falls, the largest waterfall on the Kicking Horse River, is 30 meters high and 150 meters wide. It is reachable via a straightforward, short-distance 2.4 km (1.5 mile) trail through a lush forest. The infamous horse-kick actually took place at the falls.

Takakkaw Falls, the tallest waterfall in this Canadian UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the tallest in Canada, is a breathtaking sight. The Cree word “Takkakaw” means “wonderful” or “magnificent,” which is an accurate description of the 384-meter-tall structure.

Wheelchairs and strollers can be used to access the falls via a short trail that leads from the parking area. Just be mindful of the roaring falls’ mist!

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Don’t forget the lakes in Yoho National Park.


The turquoise Lake O’Hara is regarded by many as Yoho’s most beautiful sight. Incredible hiking trails can be found in the towering mountains surrounding the lake. These picturesque trails pass by smaller bodies of water and waterfalls as they travel high above the lake.


As its name suggests, Emerald Lake is a stunning mountain lake of emerald hue located at the base of the President Range’s glacier-capped peaks. Along the coastline is a lovely resort with a restaurant that is accessible to both visitors and guests.

Yoho National Park camping


This Canadian UNESCO World Heritage Site is a fantastic place to camp. Over four campgrounds, there are about 162 front country drive-to sites. There are also 35 walk-to locations available. Typically, the camping season lasts from mid-May to mid-October.

The four main campgrounds are Kicking Horse, Monarch, Hoodoo Creek, and Takakkaw Falls walk-in. Only Kicking Horse is reservable out of these four; the other three are first-come, first-serve. There is no water or electricity at any campground; Kicking Horse is the only one with flush toilets and hot showers.

Don’t forget to bring a map to Yoho National Park.

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