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Unmissable Things To Do In Groningen, The Netherlands

Hey, if you’re searching for the phrase “activiteiten Groningen” you shouldn’t skip our post “Unmissable Things To Do In Groningen, The Netherlands”! Why? ‘Cause, we have all you need right here! From the basic info such as the Groningen map, and the weather in Groningen, to the most fascinating thing to try the Red Light District Groningen!

Groningen Map – How Can You Get There?


You probably fly to Amsterdam airport if you travel by plane. Then, the most comfortable way to reach Groningen is by train. 

There is a train that can take you directly from Schiphol (Amsterdam airport) to your destination. This train departs every hour. You can also easily plan your train by using the Dutch railway’s journey planner.

Or else, let’s just go to your residing place and use the downtown map.

Weather In Groningen


If you’ve already searched for the “Groningen map”, don’t forget to do the same with “weather Groningen”.

It’s windy year-round here. During summer, the weather tends to be more comfortable. Meanwhile, the wintertime here is long and cold and especially cloudy. The best time of year o visit Groningen is from late June to late August.

The Best Things To Do In Groningen Or Activiteiten Groningen

Experience The “Adult Life” With Red Light District Groningen


This district extends from Schoolholm to Pelsterstraat in Groningen. 

It has nearly 95 prostitution chambers that look like a display in an art showroom. In fact, it offers the same concept as other Red Light Districts in the Netherlands. If you don’t believe it, just google “red light Groningen” and “red light Netherlands” to make your own comparison. 

Apart from this adult live display, there are three coffee shops on the street. Also, it has an art showroom nearby. Infrequent night shopping sites are close to this street.

Visit The Groninger Museum


Most of the outstanding architecture of the Netherlands dates back a long time. Groninger Museum at Museumeiland 1, 9711 ME is an example. It was established in 1874. But it still remains the most technologically advanced art museum in the country.

It hosts multiple visiting exhibits all year round. It has three major pavilions to exhibit impressive displays. Common shows include the gallery’s standing collections and modern and contemporary art.

The highlight here is the prominent collection of Groningen silver. Also, there are permanent displays such as the collection of Groningen’s culture and history, regional arts, crafts, archaeological finds, etc.

Climb The Martini Tower


Martin’s Church is a 13th-century beautiful brick-built Romanesque-Gothic basilica. It’s also one of the most iconic landmarks in Groningen.

The best part of the church is certainly the 16th-century wall artwork in the choir. Along with it is the antique organ which dates back to 1480. For the greatest experience, plan to visit the church at Christmas. On this special occasion, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the holy sounds of this splendid organ.

However, the most renowned feature here is certainly the tower. Martini Tower has 96 meters in height and is the highest structure in the Netherlands. Hence, it offers wonderful views over the Main Market Square. The address is Martinikerkhof 3, 9712 JG Groningen.

Groningen’s Old Town District


Old Town Groningen is a great place to start your adventure with a bike. Don’t skip the 19th-century Neoclassical Town Hall and the superb Renaissance Gold Office while you’re here as well.

Another attraction that’s worth seeing is Huis Cardinal. It has an amazing 1559 Renaissance facade. Another one is the Prinsenhof monastery. We ensure that you’ll be impressed by its charming herb and rose gardens.

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival


When it comes to activiteiten Groningen, the best one should be the yearly Noorderzon Festival. This feast always takes the spotlight of the festival season. 

You can join the feast in the main public park of the city, the Noorderplantsoen. Activities vary from music and theatrical performances to visual arts presentations. This Noorderzon Festival lasts for 11 days every third week of August. So, don’t worry if you’ve missed some of the first days.

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  1. There are no coffeeshops in the red light district there are 3 normal bars.
    The bigges attraction in Groningen is Forum Groningen. It attracts 2 million visitors a year. It a cultural melting pot a weirdshaped modern building in the city centre with musea, library, art cinema, restaurants and a huge rooftop terrace which gives you a fantastic view over the city.


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