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Hawaiian Women, Why Are We So Proud Of Them?

How wonderful could a Hawaiian woman be? Well, they’re everything you could imagine. We will name a few famous Hawaiian women to prove our statement. And if you want to dress like them, we can also provide Hawaiian outfits for women as well! Now, let’s try to be beautiful Hawaiian women!

Extraordinary Women In Hawaii

Queen Liliʻuokalani


This wonderful and famous Hawaiian woman should be at top of the list without any question!

When taking the throne,  she started to write a whole new constitution. The constitution allowed Aboriginal Hawaiians and Asians to gain political voting rights. However, that constitution never turned into national law. It was because she was illegally overpowered by European and American businessmen.

She is famous for her resilience and faith in peaceful resistance. Along with that is her trying to regain the right of her people. Without a throne, she persisted to fight for the rehabilitation of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The Queen passed away in 1917.

Isabella Aiona Abbott – Hawaiian Woman


When it comes to extraordinary Women in Hawaii, you shouldn’t miss Isabella Kauakea Yau Yung Aiona Abbott. She is an ethnobotanist from Hana on Maui. She was the foremost Native Hawaiian to earn a Ph.D. in science. In fact, Abbott developed a passion for these aquatic organisms from her mother. This set the basis for what would push her the greatest specialist on Pacific algae.

She was the one that discovered more than 200 algae species. In her entire career, she authored 8 books that applied her knowledge of aquatic algae.

Brook Lee


Brook Mahealani Lee is one of the most beautiful Hawaiian women that ever came to a beauty contest. She is also the very first indigenous Hawaiian to win the crown of Miss Universe. Her response in the Q&A part is well-known as the most special ever.

Jean King – Hawaiian Woman


Jean Sadako King was the very first lieutenant governor woman of Hawaii. She worked for 4 years, between 1978 and 1982. While in charge, Jean King actively supported reasonable housing and the environment. She motivated numerous young women desiring to serve in politics with her own public service.

Michelle Wie


Michelle Wie came from Honolulu. She is the youngest champion of the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links. She played as a professional when she was just 16 years old. In 2014, she finally succeeded her foremost major at the U.S. Women’s Open.

Hawaiian Outfit For Women

Traditional Hawaiian Clothing


In fact, the early Hawaiians dressed simply. Hawaiian women wore pa’u which is a skirt. They made pa’u from plant fibers as these materials are comfy and environmentally friendly. During rainfall season, native Hawaiian women put on a ‘Kihei’. This is a rectangular shawl that can keep them warm and protect them from water showers.

Hawaiian Outfit For Women These Days


Recently, wearing muumuu is more common in the islands. Muumuu consists of a Women’s Hawaiian shirt (aloha shirt), tank tops, board shorts, etc. However, they still keep their traditional pa’u skirts. 

They made muumuu pieces such as Women’s Hawaiian shirts and tank tops from silk or cotton. And of course, there will be signature Hawaiian floral patterns on every piece.

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