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Secret Beach In Kauai: How Much Secret Is It?

Is it a secret beach or its name is Secret? Sounds confusing, right? Also, did you know that it has another quite famous label – the Kauai beach? Our post “Secret Beach In Kauai: How Much Secret Is It?” will answer all of your questions about this special beach. Especially, let’s name a few more other best beaches in Kauai!

Is It A Secret Beach Or Its Name Is Secret?


The beach’s name is Secret. It also has other names which are Kauapea Beach or Secrets. The latter is more familiar to the island’s locals. 

Secret Beach gained its title from its absolute privacy. There are some factors that make Secret Beach this way. The main reason that makes Secrets this way is its location. The Secret beach sits on the island’s North Shore. You can only reach there by following a steep and unmarked trail. And it’s obviously a jaunt that frustrates the more apprehensive.

Can We Swim At The Secret Beach In Kauai?


The answer is yes! But! There are things you need to pay attention to before diving into the water here.

The first thing is that the beach has no lifeguard on duty. So, you have to check sea conditions beforehand carefully, especially during winter.

Then, be aware of slippery rocks. Prepare sturdy shoes for the zone close to the lava pools.

To be safe, let’s not swim on the Secret beach in Kauai unless it’s in summer. At that time of the year, the surf tends to be flatter, and the currents become more gentle. Beach Kauai – Do People Really Na.ked There?


Actually, this secret beach has a reputation as one of the clothing-optional and beaches on Kauai. However, in fact, it’s irregular to catch people here without clothing. Most of the topless and even sunbathers come to the far beach’s east side. 

Kauai County authorities occasionally try to impose a nudity ban. So if you go down to the beach, prepare to dress accordingly.

What To Do In Kauai Beach?


When the day is mild, tidal lagoons will form around the lava rocks. This phenomenon creates perfect swimming pools for swimmers. Even kids are safe to play in this water area. 

Other favored recreational activities here are fishing, hunting for seashells, or merely sunbathing. This Secret Beach in Kauai is the ideal backdrop for a family picnic or a stroll in the sand all year around.

Best Beaches In Kauai 

Gillin’s Beach


The road to Gillin’s beach is full of potholes. That’s the reason why some car rental sites wouldn’t let you hire their cars if they know your destination. Still, we have to say that this Poipu east side beach is a natural gift.

The long and narrow beach framed is framed by a beautiful row of pine trees. Be careful, this beach is rocky. So, it’s not an ideal spot to take a long swim. But it’s still possible to go for a dip at the edge of the water.

Hideaways Beach


The name of this beach undoubtedly sounds ideal. In fact, however, it’s also the reason that keeps the crowds away. Hideaways Beach is tough to find and even more challenging to reach. Sitting deep in the Princeville region, it has a very small parking lot with so few spots. So, you may have to wait to park your car before overcoming the following obstacles to reach the beach. 

But then you’ll see all the hard work you have to overcome is worth it once you step out onto the beach. Remember to bring snorkel gear as this is one of the best Kauai snorkeling sites. When you’re out in the water, you can even swim over to Pali Ke Kua Beach.

Kalalau Beach


There are many other secluded Kauai beaches that aren’t quite as difficult to reach as this one. Kalalau Beach, though, is indeed deserved the 11-mile walk to get there.

The coast alone is a slice of Eden, perfect with a cascading fall as a background. But the path to get there, the Kalalau Trail, is truly great scenery. It’s one of the most spectacular hikes across the islands.

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