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Kiss me! Adorable photos of polar bear cubs cuddling up to their adoring mother

Cute pictures of the family cuddling in the snow shortly after the bears came out of hibernation show a mother polar bear kissing her cub on the lips.

The three-month-old cubs can be seen snuggling up to their mother in the photos, which were taken in Canada’s Wapusk National Park while it was minus 40 degrees outside.

One of the playful bears was also seen tilting its head up to receive a motherly peck, while the other cuddled up between the legs of the older bear.


Property manager and amateur photographer Hao Jiang, 54, of San Francisco, took the incredible pictures when he came across the bear family shortly after they had come out of hibernation.

The astonishing snaps were captured by property manager and amateur photographer Hao Jiang, who saw the family of bears shortly after they emerged from hibernation
In the photographs, which were captured in Wapusk National Park, Canada, the three-month-old cubs are seen sitting close to their mother as she lies in the snow in minus 40 degree temperatures
The mother bear bats a branch out of her way as the two three-month-old cubs huddle close to her body in minus 40 degree temperatures
The two cubs were also seen gathered beneath their mother moments after emerging from hibernation at the national park
This image captured the older bear looking over a snowy bank with just one of her cubs, who was sat close to her chest
In another shot, the two young bears attempted to climb over their mother who was sat on her back in the freezing park
Mr Jiang, 54, from San Francisco, said: ‘I saw the mother polar bear appear from their den after waiting more than three hours, but I did not see her cubs with her’
He added: ‘About half an hour later the cubs emerged and I was so happy to see them safe and well. They were adorable and loved playing and interacting with their mother’
The bear family was seen leaving the area in Manitoba, Canada, with the older animal taking the lead in extraordinary snaps

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