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Unique Experiences You Can Only Have In The Netherlands

Each country in the world has its own special features. But there are unique experiences you can only have in the Netherlands. We will show you what they are.

Visit Islands That Are No Longer Islands


In fact, about one-third of the Netherlands is constructed upon so-called artificial land. People reclaimed the better part of this land from the ocean. As a result, many previous islands are nowadays part of the mainland of the Netherlands. 

For instance, Marken managed like an island for ages, until a big causeway convert it into a cape. 

Eat Fresh Stroopwafels – Unique Experiences In The Netherlands


Though stroopwafel is more famous as it originally comes from Belgium, those in the Netherlands have their own unique taste.

They are everywhere in the country and many supermarkets have entire passageways reserved for these sugary, delicious treats. For authentic Dutch treats, however, visitors should sample waffles, instead of their thicker, Belgian ones. 

These syrup-filled and chewy cookies are available across the Netherlands and each market has no less than one waffle stall.

Smoke Cannabis Semi-Legally


First of all, we have to claim that cannabis isn’t truly legal in the Netherlands.

Still, it is basically available and legalized in bunches of authorized coffee shops. Many of these shops allow their frequent customer to smoke inside.

Celebrate King’s Day – Unique Experiences In The Netherlands


The Dutch truly go nuts when it comes to their national day, King’s Day. This day is on the 27th of April each year.

At first, the purpose of this holiday was to honor the Dutch royal family. Then, it developed into a tremendous festival-style party, coming along with parades, music concerts, and a likely endless pool of beer.

See 400-Year-Old Windmills


We all know that the Dutch have an extended history with windmills. Since the Middle Ages, they have used these symbolic machines to transform swamps into farmable or livable land. 

There are more than 1000 windmills in the Netherlands at the moment. The majority of these windmills date back to the peak of milling technology from the 16th to 17th centuries.

Ride A Bike Through The Rijksmuseum – Unique Experiences In The Netherlands


Since the Netherlands is famous for its bicycle-friendly environment, this will be a unique experience you can’t anywhere in the world. Amsterdam, the country’s capital, has circles running around many cities. It also has one of the biggest inner-city bicycle networks on the globe. 

This unique system of trails runs through the Rijksmuseum. As a result, it allows bikers to ride inside the most essential cultural signs in the Netherlands.

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