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Where are the most beautiful windmills in the Netherlands?

It is often said that traveling to the Netherlands must-see tulips and windmills. However, few people know the iconic windmill sites famous for the people here.

Windmills in the Netherlands are hundreds of years old, associated with many generations of residents here. The windmill is an eternal symbol and pride of the Netherlands. Those windmills have accompanied the Netherlands from the very beginning.

And the Netherlands is more than just windmills that you will not be able to ignore when visiting this country.

So, if you are living in the Netherlands and love a trip with a windmill, or if you are immersing yourself in Dutch life and preparing to visit, you definitely cannot miss some places. The following are unique places.

1. Kinderdijk- The best windmills in the Netherlands


Kinderdijk is not just a windmill but a park of windmills. It is located in the South of the Netherlands. If you are a tourist, you cannot miss this place. Travel by dedicated tour bus, and have a great tour.

Kinderdijk is one of the 10 World Heritage Sites of the Netherlands. There is a cafe, a museum, and small shops. You can walk or cycle in the area for unique experiences with wind-powered bikes.

2. Schiedam’s Netherlands windmills


Schiedam- owns impressive windmills. The place you cannot miss when visiting the tallest windmills in the world – 11 stories high!

The purpose of these giant windmills was to grind grain, as they used it to make Jenever – making the city famous for this product. You can visit the museum to understand all this.

3. Zaanse Schans- The colors of Dutch windmills


Zaanse Schans is one of the largest wind companies in the Netherlands to date.

Inside the windmill, there are many activities, some of which are museums and shops.

Cycle around the area, walk or check out some local shops.

4. De Dikkert- windmills in the Netherlands


De Dikkert is an old sawmill, once in Zaandam. It is now a corn mill and is found in Amstelveen. It has now been remodeled and restored. If you are staying around the Amsterdam area, De Dikkert is the perfect place to visit.

What makes it unique is that it is also a restaurant. So it will be a fantastic experience when you dine in an old windmill in the Netherlands.

5. Mill the Adriaan

Mill the Adriaan-windmills

Haarlem is another beautiful city with its iconic windmill. This windmill dates from the 18th century but was utterly destroyed in a storm in the 1930s.

It was later built into a museum that will help you learn about the Netherlands and how airplanes changed the Netherlands. Not only is the windmill a great place to visit, but Haarlem itself is beautiful and well worth a visit.

So if you haven’t been there yet, it’s not too far from Amsterdam (if you’re a tourist), so go!

Free Windmill Day! National Factory Day

The ideal time to visit the windmills is National Factory Day, which falls on the second Saturday and Sunday in May every year. You can see the windmills for free on this day.

It was also a great day to see all the windmills spinning. So this is a memorable and perfect day in the Netherlands to see all the windmills.

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