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Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park – Ideal For Fossil Hunters

Well, today, we will show you the reason why we have the phrase “Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park – ideal for fossil hunters”. It must be this place and not another!

A Brief Introduce – Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park


In order to protect the fossil beds, the government of Alberta decided to establish Dinosaur Provincial Park on the 27th of June, 1955. 

In 1979, the park became UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its location is in the Red Deer River valley. This valley is famous for its badland topography as well as the surplus of dinosaur fossils. As a result, Dinosaur Provincial Park is one of the most prosperous dinosaur fossil locales on earth. 

The Richest Dinosaur Fossil Location On Earth


It all started from the event that Thomas C. Weston of the Geological Survey of Canada discovered the fossil of a smaller relative of the T-Rex, an Albertosaurus. After that, people found over 400 dinosaur skeletons of about 55 separate species in this area. 

No other region of similar size anywhere has had such a considerable number and variety of dinosaur fossils. 

Good Place For Camping – Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park


The park has more than 200 campsites with accommodations such as RVs, tents, a laundromat, plus showers, Cretaceous Café, etc. As a result, it is an ideal destination for a family visit or even camping. 

You can have a nice camping experience here in canvas tents with electricity, gas barbecues kitchen supplies, real beds, and pillows.

Excellent Conservation


With such a modern experience the park offers –  camping service, the most attractive feature is, however, its dirt. 

David, a knowledgeable guide of the Fossil Prospecting hike, has his explanation about each unique feature of the area. This period witnessed the sub-tropical weather nurturing dense forests and great rivers that flowed east toward a warm inland ocean. The environment is home to a diversity of big and small animals such as sharks, crocodiles, and turtles. At this time, reptiles with wingspans wider than a small plane flying across the skies are common to catch.

Those broad rivers then left behind the mud and sand deposits. These areas are the place where dinosaur bones were buried and fossilized. As time goes by, these areas form the hoodoos and hills of the Badlands. 

13,000 years ago, after the last ice age came to an end, water from melting ice formed the valley where the Red Deer River flows. It helps create ideal states for fossil conservation.

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