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10 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Australia If You Don’t Want to Be a Fool

Australia has everything a person might want: waves, scenery, BBQ, you name it. However, in a country like Australia, some things are frowned upon by the natives. Here’s a list of things never to do in Australia that you may save for your next visit to the lovely country.

Remember to wear sunscreen.


Because of Australia’s proximity to Antarctica’s “ozone hole,” the ground is subjected to higher quantities of UV light. As a result, you don’t want your skin to come into direct touch with sun radiation. Furthermore, Australians have the world’s highest rate of skin cancer, demonstrating that sun exposure should be monitored.

Swimming is not permitted outside of the yellow and red flags.

When visiting a beach in Australia, keep an eye out for the yellow and red flags. You don’t want to get trapped in a riptide, especially if you don’t swim well. As a result, the flags are placed for your protection. Lifeguards can also help you. They are constantly dressed in red and yellow. The ocean may be extremely unpredictable, and you don’t want to put it to the test.

Wait until the food is brought to your table.


All casual settings in Australia are similar to McDonald’s or Domino’s in that they do not serve you but you help yourself with ordering and eating. Water, napkins, ketchup, and extra utensils were also available at the self-service station. As a tourist, you will encounter servers and hostesses in high-end restaurants, but we are confident that you are more interested in the meal than in how it is given to you.

Storm Warnings Should Be Taken Seriously

Yes, the world was meant to end in 2012, but it did not. However, not all warnings are meaningless, especially in Australia. If a storm warning has been issued, avoid camping under large trees, driving across flooded roads, and swimming in confined waters. Remember that you are on an island, and the country is mostly subtropical. Avoid anything that could be dangerous during a storm, because that’s just another front where Australia excels.

Swimming is not permitted on the beaches of the West Coast.

Swimming near major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth is enjoyable. And we can all agree that Australia’s beaches are too inviting. But stay out of the water while you’re on the West Coast, which also happens to be Shark Central. Some of the most gorgeous beaches may hide some of the most dangerous creatures you don’t want to meet. Before crossing a beach, do your homework and ensure a lifeguard is nearby.

Do Not Ascend Uluru


Climbing Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is something that many tourists wish to do because of the breathtaking views from the top. Many individuals, however, appear unaware that it holds enormous spiritual significance for the indigenous Anangu people and is hurtful and disrespectful to their beliefs. The rock is a revered monolith to them. Furthermore, there have been approximately 35 deaths on the rock thus far, most of which have been caused by heart attacks and other traumas. Do not climb the rock for environmental, cultural, or safety concerns.

Dingoes should not be petted.

A dingo or two may be encountered when picnicking on Fraser Island or in the Northern Territory. Dingoes in Australia are wild dogs. They may appear friendly since they have been fed repeatedly by humans, but they may respond to your attention in any way possible, so keep a respectful distance. Even if they pose little danger, they are canines and are not domesticated, and you do not want to take this risk while on vacation. Not only should dingoes, koalas, goannas, and cassowaries be kept at bay. You don’t want to take anything but nice memories with you.

Do not buy or rent an old car until it has been mechanically inspected.

One of the most popular ways to travel to Australia is to buy an old automobile and sell it before you go, sans all of the wear and tear caused by the long distances. Along with a solitary road in a foreign place, the last thing you want is a damaged automobile and no one to call for help. Distances in Australia are often longer than they appear. Before you start the engine, you must ensure that you will get at your destination and return without being inconvenienced by your not-so-new vehicle.

Avoid visiting the Gold Coast during Schoolies Week.

During the last week of November, high school students who are about to graduate flood Surfer’s Paradise. The Gold Coast is becoming more of a hormone-fueled busy hub than it is supposed to be. The Gold Coast is not one of those places that should be experienced for anything less than its true magnificence.

Do Not Be Misled By Drop Bear Stories

Drop Bears are Koala-like animals that live in trees and can drop on anyone anytime. But one thing you might note about Drop Bears is that you never hear of a first-person meeting; instead, the Drop Bear always chooses to drop on someone’s friend or distant cousin. To dispel any misconceptions, this story is simply an example of Australia’s sense of humour.

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