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Top spectacular lakes in the Netherlands

This is the most detailed guide to the most spectacular lakes in the Netherlands. Whatever lake-loving adventure you’re after, we’re here to give you all the fascinating details to make it happen.

Nieuwe Meer – Dutch best lakes


This lake popular with locals is located right next to Amsterdamse Bos. There is a long beach with two formal swimming areas.

Around here you can find private coves, nude beaches and the only official gay tourist area in Amsterdam (where men come to meet). It’s an excellent lake for recreational fishing, full of perches, pike, whitefish and everyone’s favorite: eels.

If you’re a little more adventurous, you can always stop by Bos, where you can wander the vast jungle and even visit a goat farm or see Central Highlands cattle. Beside, canoes, kayaks and bicycles are available to rent at some locations.

Sloterplas – spectacular lakes in the Netherlands


This Amsterdam lake has been renovated over the years and is at its best for a leisurely day by the water’s edge. Rondje Sloterplas is a smooth 5.8-kilometer path for pedestrians and cyclists – perfect for a jog before a dip.

There’s a recreational beach on the Northwest coast where you can play volleyball, picnic and go for walks, and just across from Sloterpark is a disc golf course and a petting zoo.

A launch pad for water sports is to the southeast, popular for canoeing, fishing, and boating. The oldest underwater house in the Netherlands, ‘Cockelbockel,’ is located here – a unique treat for the diving community.

Loosdrechtse Plassen


Loosdrechtese Plassen is conveniently located between Amsterdam and Utrecht. Come here for canoeing, canoeing, diving, pedal boating, or any family-friendly water activity.

You will be surrounded by green with lots of nature – shady trees, water lilies, reeds and many birds that call Loosdrechtese Plassen home.

In the De Strook entertainment district, you’ll find a wide, sandy beach with picnic benches, a barbecue, volleyball courts, pavilions and restrooms. If you prefer to relax on the terrace, there are several rooms in the area to choose from with water views.

Strijkviertelplas – Dutch best lakes


Located in Utrecht, Strijkviertelplas has a leisure beach with ample space for sunbathing and a gently sloping beach perfect for swimming.

In an easily accessible location, the lake is next to sports fields and industrial areas, yet retain a peaceful atmosphere. It’s famous for picnics, surfing and fishing.

Start your daily walks with a stroll along the pedestrian and bike paths around the lake. With the convenience of restrooms and snack carts, you can comfortably spend a day here.



IJsselmeer is huge. It is the largest lake in the Netherlands (1100 square kilometers), linked to the Wadden Sea, although made up almost entirely of fresh water.

Enkhuizen is the closest beach to Amsterdam, although there are also many other famous beaches on the east side of the lake. These sandy beaches gently lead into shallow water, which is excellent for swimming.

Perfect for recreational boating (as the Dutch call motorboats) or any other water sport you can dream of, you’ll have all the open water you need.

Fun fact: IJsselmeer is the mother lake of Gooimeer and Markermeer, formed from it after the founding of the older Flevoland.

Kralingse Plas


A favorite in Rotterdam, this popular entertainment area is centrally located and offers fun for the whole family. The large playground, children’s ranch, and waterslide are just a few of the highlights for the little ones.

If you’re after a dryland adventure, prepare your rollerblades for a tour around the 5km cycling and running track. You can even go horseback riding or tour the climbing forest by zip lines.

Henschotermeer – spectacular lakes in the Netherlands


Henschotermeer is a unique area for nature lovers, hidden in the woods with towering pines, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. It’s the perfect destination for a day of leisure.

Hiking, lounging, rafting or boating, the large shallow lake offers plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a day away from the city. You can swim or walk across one of the two slides to explore the forested island.

Cool off with a freshly brewed beer or a scoop of handcrafted Italian ice cream from one of the on-site eateries.

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