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The Best Movies About Ireland You Shouldn’t Miss

Getting to know a country by watching films is always an effective way to do it. Here are some best movies about Ireland you shouldn’t miss if you are a big fan of this country.

My Left Foot (1989)


This is a biographical comedy mixed with the drama genre. The main character is Daniel Day-Lewis starring Christy Brown. Christy is an Irish man unfortunately born with cerebral palsy. He can only control his left foot, so he learns to do stuff with it. As an art lover, he has a burning desire for things such as writing and painting. 

Despite his incapability to move or talk, he first becomes recognized for his art and finally his own writing of autobiography. It’s a remarkable illustration of Ireland in films through a terrific individual story.

The Field, 1990 – Best Movies About Ireland


Bull MacCabe is an Irish farmer who is working in a rented field. Actually, his family has farmed in this field for generations.

One day, the owner of the field decides to at a general auction, as a result, Bull McCabe desires to buy the land. Villagers are all scared of McCabe, thereby, they are hesitant to show their interest in the land. However, a rich American joins the pitching ‘cause he wants to build a highway on this land. 

The movie was filmed in the Connemara village, Leenane. The pub Gaynors, which now has changed its name to The Field Bar, is one of the most used scenes in The Field. 

The film achieved 7.3/10 on IMDb which is an impressive high score. It is also known as one of the best Irish movies ever.

Into the West (1992)


The film took place in the 1990s and the main characters are all Irish Travelers.

The film is a story about two lads whose father is the “King of Irish Travelers”. They have an apartment in Ballymun in Dublin. One day, their grandfather found a horse and gave it to the children. The two boys really like it and dream of becoming cowboys someday. 

Unfortunately, the police take away the horse and give it to a suspicious horse breeder. As a result, when the boys find out and start off a plan to rescue the horse and head to the countryside. On the father’s way to find his children, he reconnects with nature, the wildlife, and his people – Irish Travelers.

Bloody Sunday (2002) – Best Movies About Ireland


This is a historic act drawn on the true events of the 1972 “Bloody Sunday” shootings in Derry, Northern Ireland. The movie is seen from the view of Ivan Cooper. He is an activist fighting for civil rights. And he is a major organizer of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association protest. 

The march finally ends in a bloody situation because the British troops spread fire on the protesters. The record shows that 13 demonstrators and 14 witnesses in the crowd were killed.

This is one of the best Irish movies developed on current historical affairs that allows you to know Ireland and Northern Ireland’s fierce past. You can easily watch the full version of the film on YouTube.

Calvary, 2014


The movie is about a priest who is living in a little Irish town. People call him Father James. On a confessional Sunday Catholic, a stranger threatens to kill him the next Sunday.

As a result, Father James only has a week left to arrange his stuff. He has to face a bunch of challenges and finds it hard to face his beloved people.

The stunning landscapes in Ireland have added up to the beauty of the film. It’s not only telling a thrilling story but it’s also about the nature that Ireland has been gifted.

Calvary got positively high scores on Rotten Tomatoes, for example, nearly 90% from Tomatometer and 80% from Audience. Brendan Gleeson, who played Father James, won the Best Lead Actor in 2014.

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