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Top Famous Festivals In Honolulu

These top famous festivals in Honolulu will boost your holiday mood to its fullest. You may even want to embark on a trip to Hawaii immediately. So, we don’t waste your time anymore, let’s jump right into the business.

King Kamehameha Floral Parade


The parade originates from the King Kamehameha Statue in Downtown Honolulu. It then moves towards Kapiolani Park in Waikiki. During its meaningful procession, people exhibit multicolored floats, equestrians on horsebacks, live performances, hula activities, art, and food to celebrate the Hawaiian regal bench. 

Though this fest is not way too populous, it’s still a legendary occasion to praise King Kamehameha. Come and join in the fest to see gorgeous downpours of flower decorations and to undergo the liveliness of aloha.

This fest takes place on June 11th in case you need to reschedule your plan to come and enjoy it.

Honolulu Festival – Famous Festivals In Honolulu


This is the most prominent cultural celebration in Honolulu and stays a center for travelers as well as residents. It occurs on the first week of March.

The Honolulu Festival’s purposes are to honor and praise the various mixture of civilization. The show consists of assertive performances with the participant of hundreds of people. There are other various activities besides music and dance during the fest. For example, they also exhibit art, mutual partnership, racial amity, and most important, Aloha.

The fest happens in 2 days, and if you want to know more about Hawaiian culture, you should not miss out on a thing. The highlight of the fest is a parade at Kalakaua Avenue. So, schedule your plan accordingly.

Aloha Festival


Since the fest shows multiple parts of Hawaiian culture such as history, dance, and traditional music, it’s well-known as the biggest ethnical celebration of the state.

The fest takes place in September in Honolulu and lasts for weeks. You can live through the overwhelming conventional heritage of regional folk stories.

Starting with a lively procession of horseriders blends into the delightful road party called Ho’olaule. The parade and the Ho’olaule stay the spotlights of the event.

Lei Day Celebration – Famous Festivals In Honolulu


This is a Hawaii celebration of the normal May Day. This widespread slogan has all its precise truth creating it the biggest extravaganza in Honolulu and other islands nearby.

At that time, Kapiolani Park evolves into a major place for the celebration. This is because the place carries numerous meetups of long strands of lei, such as lei-making competitions, hula, crafts, live music, and food.

This free affair highlights the cultural dynamics of Hawaii by gathering relatives, citizens, and visitors together. As the fest is on the 1st of May, the start of summertime, you will surely have a chance to experience a real sense of warmth, welcome, and Aloha when you join in this festival in Honolulu.

Prince Lot Hula Festival


This non-competitive hula affair is a mixture of Hawaiian plays and craftworks. To honor Prince Lot Kapuāiwa, citizens chose to hold this fest and they truly paid a lot of attention to it so it became the biggest event of all time. 

The fest takes place in a lovely garden of Moanalua in July. To be more specific, the main purpose of this event is to celebrate the Prince because he brought back the one-time forbidden art of Hula. 

You can step through the captivating shelter in the playgrounds and taste brilliant Hawaiian cuisines at diverse meal booths. Besides, the booths also display numerous cultural antiques so that the locals can spread their spirit of aloha to the outsiders.

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing – Famous Festivals In Honolulu


This is a favored sports event among adventure pleaders. The fest has attracted more than thousands of visitors each year. 

It offers an experience of the most brilliant surfers riding the finest waves worldwide. The fest lasts for weeks, from late November and happens till early December.

So, don’t be hesitant anymore, go grab your stuff and embark on the journey to Hawaii for the best fascinating outdoor activity.

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