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Shocking Things About The Summer Holidays In Australia

Here are the shocking things about the summer holidays in Australia you may never hear of. Have interests in this country? Then, figure all of them out now or else you can get jaw-dropping when coming to visit Australia.

The fluctuated weather – Summer Holidays In Australia


The weather here in Australia will probably break out your imagination of bright and sunny summer. It is not always the case, to be honest.

In fact, you still do have hot days in an Australian summer. However, there are also the weird cold days, misty grey days, then tropical cyclones. And back to the start of the circle, days so hot that you can hardly even move.

It’s hot at Christmas


The most typical hook you hear from outsiders in Australia during the December holiday surely is “It doesn’t feel like Christmas, does it?”

Sadly, yes. The locals here even go on a beach vacation on real Christmas Day. They do really enjoy it and several groups of people have a beach picnic with wave surfing and enjoy fresh prawns.

However, to those who come from the Northern Hemisphere, a hot Christmas will not be a genuine Christmas.

People frankly like wearing thongs – Summer Holidays In Australia

Not just jandals or flip-flops, the locals here are crazy about thongs. You can catch this kind of sight everywhere during summer. 

They enjoy wearing it to the beach, it is probably a wonderful choice. But the cricket, barbecues, the pub, dinner, etc. These places may need a little sense of neatness and formality, but they still use them as normal pieces of clothes. Nothing else to say, again, you just have to adapt to it.


They have oversized flying cockroaches


It is normal to witness a huge flying object and then find out it’s a cockroach. 

You have to get used to the sight when lying on a sofa in a lounge room, enjoying your me-time, maybe watching your favorite movie. As you look up at the wall and there’s a giant cockroach getting near you. I bet you may curse as hard as you can.

As we mentioned above, it’s a casual situation for Australians. And for you, who are non-Australians, after cursing and screaming and stuff, you should get used to it.

Snakes in the land – Summer Holidays In Australia


Skip the water trouble, now we are going on to the land discovery. Please kindly note that do not wander through extended grass. We do have seriously nasty snakes here. Watch out carefully as you walk through the brushwood as well.

You may have a decent percentage of chance witnessing snakes in your backyard, or even in the house. It depends on where you reside. Wish you have fun with such an experience.

Jellyfish in the ocean


You think that, wow, it’s so hot and you and both fresh air and water. Then, you decide to immerse yourself in the ocean. That would not a bad idea if you are anywhere else but far North Queensland.

In fact, summer is the jellyfish season. It means nevertheless of how hot it is, jumping right into the sea to way too risky. Toxic venoms of the jellyfish may be the cause of your death.  This is not a joke, so don’t underrate Australians’ advice.

Crocodiles in the saltwater – Summer Holidays In Australia


And sadly, you can’t have nice swimming in the Northern Territory either. For this time, it is because of the saltwater crocs.

Going to one of the hottest areas in the world and being surrounded by water and you can’t do anything but forcefully enjoy the heat of the city. Will Australia still be as beautiful as it is in your imagination?

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