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Surprising Facts About Ireland You May Not Know

Here are surprising facts about Ireland you may not know. Some will make you jaw-dropping the moment you read them? Curious, right? Let’s check them out right now.

Ireland’s nickname is the Emerald Isle


Since Ireland always lives up to its name as the “Emerald Isle”, you may have heard this nickname already.

Ireland is truly pampered by mother nature because of the ideal climate and geology. It normally rains cats and dogs and the average atmosphere is suitable for trees and grass to grow. That’s why Ireland is always green whenever you saw the land.

Isn’t it match up to the beautiful description of the “Emerald Isle”?

There are no snakes in Ireland – Facts About Ireland


You cannot find any snakes in Ireland! Surprise, right?  In accordance with the myth, St Patrick pursued them into the sea after they began striking him.

This is a handsome story, yet scientists disagree with it. As they concluded, the real reason that leads to the non-existence of snakes on this island is because of its geology. 

During the ice period, the island of Ireland, in fact, was parted from the continent. So, at this time, no cold-blooded snakes lived here.

St. Patrick wasn’t from Ireland 


This is one of the most interesting facts about Irish people.

Though St Patrick is the most well-known Irish worldwide, he wasn’t frankly from Ireland! In fact, his hometown is Wales and he went to Ireland to do his mission – apostolic preaching. 

Protestants were taking charge of many nations in Northern Europe at that time. The Catholic church sent St Patrick to Ireland and asked him to carry on the mission of protecting this country from protestants. 

He then immediately evolved into a bishop and Ireland’s patron saint. 

The 17th, of March each year is St Patrick’s Day where people celebrate his death. The day is famous and leads to this thing is one of the best surprising facts about Ireland.

Ireland has the highest number of red-haired people per capita in the world – Facts About Ireland


You must be impressed as you read this text. Around 10% of the Irish have red hair. 

This is way too high than any other nation’s big cities, including the UK – the place is famous for its high percentage of the population has red hair.

Ireland is the most successful Eurovision Song Contest country


Eurovision is one of the most senior music competitions in the world. The contest began in 1956, and Ireland had the most champions in the world.

In 1970, Dana (Rosemary Brown) performed the song ‘All Kinds of Everything’, and she got the first win in the contest. Ireland bested 7 times altogether!

Ireland is the foremost nation worldwide that has the legal allowance of same-sex marriage by popular vote – Facts About Ireland


In 2017, Ireland evolved into the 20th nation in the world to authorize same-sex marriage.

Though it’s not an incredible innovation, the method it occurred certainly is. Ireland was the foremost country globally to accomplish the referendum.

The majority of the residents voted on the side of it and the most remarkable thing about it is the enormous rate and engagement that vote obtained.

Even Irish citizens living outside the country went back to Ireland just to vote for this franchise. Thousands of people willingly reserved an extremely pricey flight back to their hometown just to show their approval for the LGBT community.

And this sole fact makes Ireland an awesome country! As well as knowing as one of the most excellent facts about Irish people.

The President of Ireland has little to no power


Unlike the majority of other countries in the world, the President in Ireland seems to have no real power to run the country. This is truly one of the most surprising facts about Ireland, right?

The individual who actually has the authority of controlling the government is “The Taoiseach”. It is because the most crucial thing in this country is largely about the ceremony and symbolism.

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