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Top Amsterdam’s most famous streets you need to explore!

Amsterdam is a city in the Netherlands with a rich history, culture and unique attractions. With canals crisscrossing historic streets, old architecture, and a wealth of charm, you’ll almost certainly fall in love with some of Amsterdam’s most famous streets.

Amsterdam has everything, whether you’re looking for a relaxing stroll through a historic neighborhood or a vibrant urban street full of shopping and local attractions. Learn about some of the most famous streets and areas to visit during your trip to Amsterdam.

Javastraat – Java Street


Javastraat, or Java Street, is the main shopping street in Indische Buurt in Amsterdam East. Javastraat offers a great mix of Dutch staples and modern shops and eateries, from local bakeries and greens to chic espresso bars, cocktail lounges and ethnic restaurants. Many cafes and roadside restaurants here have outdoor seating, making it a popular spot for locals to socialize.

New Hoogstraat – famous streets in Amsterdam


In Amsterdam, Nieuwe Hoogstraat is a lively shopping district where both locals and visitors like hanging out. Nieuwe Hoogstraat is a street that runs from Oude Hoogstraat to Sint Antoniesbreestraat in Amsterdam-Centrum.

Nieuwe Hoogstraat in Amsterdam has housed various stores and boutiques, hip eateries, cafes, and neighborhood hotspots since the Middle Ages. The Nieuwe Hoogstraat is not a car-friendly street; therefore make sure the center lane is open for bikes.



Brouwersgracht is a historic road and canal connecting Singel with Singelgracht on the border of the Amsterdam canal belt. Full of historic buildings and old-world charm, Het Parool readers once voted the street as “The most beautiful street in Amsterdam”.

The once-useful warehouses and breweries that are now charming residential dwellings have contributed to the historical attractiveness of Brouwersgracht. The Iron Lift, the West Indian House Bridge, and the Paper Mill Lock are just some unusual bridges crossing the Brouwersgracht canal.

Prinseneiland – famous streets in Amsterdam


Prinseneiland is one of three islands that make up Westelijke Eilanden, or the Western Islands, in Amsterdam’s Centrum neighborhood. Prinseneiland, often known as the “hidden islands,” is known for its tranquil, serene ambiance, perfect for a pleasant stroll.

Many unique homes and apartments in Prinseneiland are housed in converted spaces in old historic warehouses dating back to the Second World War. The neighborhood’s classic charm attracts artists and visitors from all over the city to enjoy the unique sights.

Gerard Doustraat


Gerard Doustraat is a historic one-way street in Amsterdam-Zuid, in the Pipe district. An unusual street with an ancient planning style was built in the 19th century to be a long and extremely narrow street with unusually narrow and deep houses.

The city has sought to preserve the character of Gerard Doustraat through a multi-stage renovation, so visitors visiting the area will see a mix of old and restored buildings. City and national monuments are standard throughout the region, including a synagogue, a Sikh temple, and a unique corner building nicknamed The Point.

Lindengracht – famous streets in Amsterdam


Formerly a canal in Amsterdam, Lindengracht is now a famous street in the Centrum neighborhood in the Jordaan district. With 21 distinctive national landmarks bordering the Lindengracht, the region has a rich history that includes both notable past inhabitants and dramatic disturbances.

Lindengracht is a thriving commercial area with various shops, restaurants, and charming neighborhood houses. A popular market in Lindengracht offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, baked goods, and home goods every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Oudezijds Voorburgwal

Oudezijds Voorburgwal consists of a street and canal in De Wallen in central Amsterdam and is commonly known as OZ Voorburgwal. Incredibly, the early history of this historic canal can be tied to the 14th century.

Today, OZ Voorburgwal is one of the most popular streets in the famous Red Light District, with a wide range of destinations from sex shops and peep shows to cannabis bars and cafes. The area is also packed with historical sites, charming architecture, and famous buildings to enjoy.

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