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7 Most Popular Irish Food You Must Try

If you have a near-future trip to Ireland, here is the list of the 7 most popular Irish food you must try. We’re not gonna lie, their cuisine will make your trip to a new fascinating level.



Colcannon is a potato dish that has earned popularity all around the country. William Bulkeley, a traveler, introduced the dish in a journal in the 16th century. And now it is a must-have Irish formula on  Saint Patrick’s and Halloween day.

To make colcannon, you need only 5 ingredients. They are milk, cabbage, butter, kale, and of course mashed potato. It is healthy, refreshing, and nutritious. People like it so much that they even composed a song for it.

Boxty – Popular Irish Food


There is a common saying in Ireland, “boxty in the griddle, boxty in the pan, if you can’t make boxty, you’ll never get a man.” It means that Boxty is a basic and traditional dish here.

Boxty is the name of pancakes made from easy-to-find ingredients. For example, baking soda, flour, buttermilk, and potato. They then mix everything together and pan-fried it. 

Shepherd’s Pie


People often thought this food is from Britain when it comes to Shepherd’s Pie. However, it is a traditional and iconic dish of Ireland, the neighboring nation.

You may try Shepherd’s Pie before since it is so common in America. Then, what is the point of eating it in Ireland? It’s all about a matter of time. In Ireland, people eat Shepherd’s Pie to honor Saint Patrick’s day. 

Bangers And Mash – Popular Irish Food


This food has been a favored pub dish in both Britain and Ireland for a long time. It consists of simple ingredients such as sauce, sausages, and again, mashed potatoes. 

The name of the food comes from the hard times in the past. Sausages are familiar food. However, during the Second World War, due to the scarce meat source, people had to make sausage by adding more water. As a result, it exploded when frying, and they called it “bangers”.

Smoked Salmon


Since Ireland is surrounded by the sea, it is doubtless that fish is one of the specialties here. Ireland is especially famous for smoked salmon. They export this kind of food in large quantities globally.

It’s Atlantis salmon that the dish is made from. This is a type of native salmon of the Irish ocean. People eat smoked salmon with bread, lemon, coleslaw, and butter. It has a quite salty flavor that can satisfy any foodies. 

Irish Stew – Popular Irish Food


In fact, this was a dish for lower-class people in the 1800s.

During that period, onions and potatoes were the cheapest vegetables, and mutton was the most common meat. People even had to use low-cooking ways to cook the meat since it was way too hard.

Today, Irish stew is a common dinner dish to eat on Saint Patrick’s Day. Instead of mutton, people use beef to cook the meal. Some also add carrots to the stew.



People love champ because it is very mouth-watering and can be done with just several simple ingredients, such as onion, mashed potato, milk, and butter. Personally, this dish deserves to be the nationwide recipe in Ireland. 

In the past, potatoes helped many Irish residents survive starvation because of its nutritious rich, and cheap prices. That’s why it is significant to Irish cooking and culture.

Champ is an amazing Irish lunch recipe. Its light taste and creamy texture will make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Reading to this point, you may wonder what are the differences between Colcannon and Champ, right? Well, they truly have something in common. For example, potatoes are their main ingredients. However, when cooking Champ, people often use kale or cabbage instead of scallions.

Moreover, Champ is well-known in Ulster, meanwhile, Colcannon is more typical in other areas. After the first potatoes harvesting, people tend to cook Champ before other dishes.

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