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Top 7 poetic canals in Amsterdam to steal your heart!

Amsterdam is world-famous for its canals crisscrossing the city, its hot red-light streets at night, colorful tulips and delicious food flooding the city. If you are a romantic, then this city is definitely for you. Here is a list of Amsterdam’s most poetic canals that will steal your heart!

Herengracht – Poem canals in Amsterdam


Regarded as the most important and prestigious of the canals in the Netherlands, the Herengracht is a perfect amalgamation of all the expectations that visitors usually have before visiting Amsterdam. Narrow buildings, bike lanes, quaint bridges – it’s all here!

Keizersgracht – the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam


Located between the Herengracht and Prinsengracht, the Emperor’s Canal is the widest of the Ring canals. If you visit in winter, this is the place you want to see, as the water in the canal freezes and you can skate on the ice! Keizersgracht is also well known in the gay community for its Gay Memorial, one of the few memorials in Europe honoring gay victims of the Nazi regime.

Prinsengracht – Must-see canals in Amsterdam


Besides being the last canal on the Ring – and therefore the longest – Prinsengracht is also where you’ll find the most attractions. Whether you choose to walk or take a boat ride along the Prinsengracht, you can expect to see some of the most famous sites in Amsterdam, such as Anne Frank House, Noorderkerk or Westerkerk. In a city known for its narrow houses (property taxes were paid according to the width of buildings in the 17th century), Prinsengracht is also home to the most limited number of places. Just watch out for door 7!


As it originally encircled the entire Medieval city, long before Amsterdam began to expand beyond its limits, Singel was the part of the Canal Belt closest to the historic centre. Today, this important canal is popular with tourists due to the floating Bloemenmarkt, perhaps the most famous flower market in the city. It’s also a frequent stop for partygoers, as it has its section of the infamous Amsterdam Red Light District.

River Amstel


Yes, yes, I know Amstel is a river, but… I can’t simply take it out of the equation! Surely we haven’t forgotten where Amsterdam got his name from, have we? Aside from that, Amstel is another body of water that flows through the city and is filled with amazing sights, thus deserving a spot on my list of the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam. Its most popular attractions include the Dutch National Opera, the Magere Brug, or Amsterdam’s Hermitage Museum.


The Bloemgracht Canal is located to the west of Prinѕеnhоf next to the Jördаn quarter. This is a beautiful canal with covered houses and colorful gardens. The best time to visit Bloemgracht is when the flower garden begins to bloom. If you are looking for a pleasant experience to relax and enjoy, Bloemgracht is well worth trying. Bloemgracht has a perfect mix of buildings, offices, shops and pubs.


The Groеnburgwal Canal is one of the best canals in Amsterdam. The entrance to the canal is very long, and there is a rather lovely and low tree. It is directly connected to the Amstel river, and it has beautiful views of the Zuiderkerk.

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